Power through fashion
Although Berlhey Narcisse always had an interest in fashion and empowering women through this medium, she stumbled upon the idea for her business, BÈL Monique, by accident.

BÈL Monique is a digital magazine for black women, packaged as a “workshop and editorial experience of a lifetime.” It’s a platform that focuses on featuring and uplifting everyday women, including the readers themselves.

Founder and CEO of BÈL Monique, Narcisse was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and grew up in Boston. She was working for Tufts Health Plan, as part of the membership experience staff, up until 2015.

Narcisse craved more creativity and independence and left the job to pursue styling. To attract clients, she recruited the help of local photographers and volunteers to put on a promotional shoot.

“I wanted to photograph everyday women so I could appeal to them,” she said.

She admitted that she expected the atmosphere between the women on the photo shoot set to be “catty,” but instead heard the women complimenting and encouraging each other. Narcisse said, “I told myself, ‘I don’t know what this is, but I like it.’ So my business morphed into ‘How do I create that space and foster this energy?’”

Although BÈL Monique magazine is the main product, the true value of the brand lies behind the experience in making the magazine.

Every three months, Narcisse invites local black women to participate in the “I AM BÈL” experience: a two-day event starting with a five-hour workshop and culminating with a photo shoot party for photos and an interview to be featured in the magazine.

“You’ll be on the cover of an issue of our digital magazine and your story — how you want to tell it — will be shared inside, in a 3-page spread,” reads the BÈL Monique website.

“The first day is focused on internal beauty and the second is focused on external beauty,” said Narcisse. “The photo shoot is a public celebration, open to all.”

The workshop offers insight and tools for self-discovery, identifying personal limitations and strengths and how to work toward goals. According to Narcisse, it is intended for women in various stages of their life and career who are looking to be the best version of themselves.

Currently, Narcisse charges $849 for the experience and it is open to black women of all ages.

“I’ve always liked to tap into women on a deeper level,” said Narcisse. “Even when I was styling people, I would ask them about their life to better understand them and their style.”

Narcisse said that having the photo shoot component with the workshop allows women to focus holistically on inner and outer beauty and “allows women to step into a new world they never had access to.”

Startup costs

In the beginning, Narcisse created BÈL Monique all on her own, juggling the content creation, the layout and design, and the marketing and business side. She also had to foot the bill for the operational costs to host the workshops.

“I blew through a $20,000 credit card and used my savings,” she said.

Costs included breakfast and lunch for participants, promotional materials, camera equipment, makeup and styling equipment, and a venue space. Website maintenance, website domain and email domains were other additional costs.

It was a true startup endeavor with Narcisse offering the first three “I AM BÈL” events for free in 2016.

Then in 2017, she increased the fee to $215, then $300. Since March 2018, the registration fee has been $849.

According to Narcisse, BÈL Monique’s annual revenue in 2017 was $8,665 and the 2018 year-to-date revenue is $12,098.

Narcisse has measured her overall audience at 19,000 women across the U.S., including social media followers, email subscribers, website visitors and YouTube views.

BÈL Monique has published 17 issues so far. Narcisse said for most of 2017, the workload fell on her shoulders, but along the way, she has been able to recruit help from volunteer contributors for graphic design, creative direction, digital content and writing.

The venue space was at one point the biggest cost, she said, but for all of 2018, Breather, a workspace provider, will be sponsoring the venue for BÈL Monique.

Narcisse said her contributors have a lot of confidence in the brand and its value. A lot of this confidence stems from one particular reader who was featured on the cover of the January 2018 issue.

“Carolyn Warren was diagnosed with cancer and she reached out to me to be on the cover,” said Narcisse. “It was a powerful experience for her because when she was doing the photo shoot, she felt good, she said she didn’t even think about her diagnosis.”

In March, Warren passed away.

“It was emotional for all of us,” said Narcisse, “but I tell my team members, ‘If you ever forget what we’re all about and why we do this, think about Carolyn and how we get to highlight the real struggles of women and let them leave behind a legacy.”

Long-term vision

Later this year, Narcisse will be offering a new workshop called “Beauty and a Boss” which will focus on business and entrepreneurship.

A lot of what Narcisse plans to teach is her acquired knowledge from building her own brand and following other successful people, such as Tony Robbins, a prominent entrepreneur and life coach.

Narcisse attended a Tony Robbins seminar in 2016 in Las Vegas. “It was a business mastery seminar but he mostly talked about emotions,” she said. “I was on a spiritual high — it made me feel powerful.”

“But I looked around and I counted only three other black women in the room. Out of 2,000 people. I thought to myself, ‘Imagine if I can bring this information to black women,’” she said.

Narcisse said she hopes to bring her workshops and editorial experiences to states across the country.

“I want to actively begin solving the problem black women have as a whole,” she said. “We’re constantly being reminded that we are the least desired group, which causes very traumatic effects to our growth — BÈL will change that narrative.”Read more at:www.queenieau.com/cheap-bridesmaid-dresses | www.queenieau.com/formal-dresses-brisbane-trends
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The nine wedding dress trends in 2018
Although the trend of wedding dress in 2018 is already flying, what kind of things are you thinking about? Maybe you have a phobia of choice, and it's hard to say which one is your favorite. You still have me! Combined with this year's bridal fashion week, select the most worthy of the nine wedding dresses in 2018, the wedding dress is right! Your wedding is a romantic, simple, modern, classic, sexy seduction... Just start with this wedding dress.

Most of the wedding dresses need to be bought or booked in the store, boutique and other stores, which can be closer to everyone's figure and achieve the most perfect result.

NO.1. Princess cloak.

All the Disney princesses in memory seem to have their own beautiful cape? Inspired by the princess's cloak, the designers skipped the much-loved veil and launched many chic capes this year. Long, medium and short styles, as well as the fabric of the silk or gauze, can make the bride shine like a princess.

The cloak is understated and elegant, with a sense of security. It can also make the shape of the silhouette more fluid. If you also want to play a new twist on the veil, this is the best choice for a princess cloak that is more than a veil.

NO.2 flowers will also play 3D.

The beautiful bride and always represent the delicate and beautiful flowers always inseparable. Flowers in the wedding dress and the use of the dress is also very frequent, flowers are not difficult, difficult is how to make the flowers new. With the use of new fabrics and new technologies in the fashion world, 3D flowers are becoming more common. Delicate three-dimensional decoration can give the wedding dress vitality,

Different materials can be used in the production, for example, the net yarn can also extend the three-dimensional flower layer by layer. Or matching with the wedding dress, silk fabric is a good choice. Designers will use a gradual approach to make these like real flowers "fall off" in the wedding dress, which is very rich in the whole layer.

The beautiful and beautiful flowers in the form of three-dimensional spread the whole wide skirt, overflow the life is brilliant. Tall waist line thin waist elongates leg line, it is the shape of very apparent figure.

The design of the small mop tail,

The bride wears trousers.

Maybe it's not all girls' love. The popularity of the trouser suit in 2018 is a thrill for many women who love the trouser suit. Trouser outfit has a kind of skirt that can not extreme expression is neuter and dry, modelling also can show concave and convex have the figure that gives, no more than skirt outfit inferior!

Wedding dress pants outfit more agile and gentle, the combination of the design of the ornament is full of feminine lace, chiffon or bowknot, in keep the pants ecru also expresses the wedding dress to be characteristic of women. A jumpsuit or a tailored suit is a good choice, and a trouser suit is more reflective of a woman's confidence in her body than a skirt suit.

No.4 wonderland color

The pure white wedding dress is pure and pure, but the theme of the 2018 wedding dress will no longer be limited to white. Brides can choose more pastel colors based on their skin color and favorite styles. Deep champagne, light champagne, nude powder, grey blue... These low saturation light color wedding dress, can quietly enhance your fairy temperament. Subtle aesthetic, not inferior to white wedding dress romantic, absolutely will let a person shine.

Or, as a dance after party, a toast is also a good choice.

No.5 shoulder and sleeve are good friends.

The attention and re-creation of sleeves, from fashion to wedding dress, is no exception. Especially this year, the sleeve modelling is all so fire, the wedding dress design certainly also cannot be used well. Off-shoulder has always been one of the best-loved styles for wedding designers, with women's sexy collarbone and sleek shoulder lines that can be made perfect in a one-word shoulder design.

Now, the sleeves are fused to each other with a different shape and a different look. For example, the cute and exaggerated princess bubble sleeve, the elegant lotus leaf with wide sleeves, the court's horn sleeve... Even the most basic of long sleeve, will foil the arms more slender slender.

There is a length called just right!

Short skirt is enough nifty but not steady, drag tail skirt to have the momentum but inevitable action inconvenience. This year is sure to be popular in the middle of the dress, inspiration is simply pulled out of the wardrobe of the screen goddess in the 1950s. At that time, it was very popular to have the length of the skirt on the ankle, because it would show a nice curve of the ankle. Speaking of this, I can't help but think of the goddess Audrey Hepburn, many of the dresses she wore were just the right length.

But I think you must pay attention to is that want to harness the modelling, the length of the skirt to control very subtle, and be sure to vary from person to person, after all our personal height, body proportion is different also. Some styles can be embarrassed card in the crus belly the most thick position, this can not highlight your sexy ankle, still can cause the calf to look more thick, gain not worth to lose! So, to try this retro classic for the bride, be careful about the length of the hem, and be sure to reveal only the tiniest part of the ankle!

NO.7 simple modern sense.

Simple modern sense is the style that modern urban women adore, simple is best never out of date. This year wedding dress also has a lot of outstanding contracted modern sense design, most completely do not have adornment to adorn, rely on outstanding material and shape to prop up whole gas field alone. It is worth mentioning that the simple modern sense seems to be more perfect display with silk and silk smoothness. The fabric wrapped around the natural curve of the body is elegant and unmatched.

The minimalist bride strongly recommends this type of design. Hanging on a hanger may be ordinary, but when you wear it you'll find that it's really amazing.

Sweet bow tie.

The bowknot is one of the iconic objects that girls have loved since they were young, and they grew up along the way. And on the design of the wedding dress, designers understand their needs, of course, in a different position on bowknot is an important element, whether in the waist, collar, arm, or on the back, the girls can feel the love and feelings.

This year, Victor&Rolf seems to be particularly fond of bows. This dramatic brand go catch the road line, although marriage gauze series and soon, have to bring their own artistic cells transplanted into the perfect one, not inferior at brand creative collection each season.

This mermaid dress with a breast is wrapped around the body to show the curve. Especially on the back of the skirt, there is a big bow design, perfect integration into the skirt of the radian, very thoughtful.

A flirty mini with a sprinkling of crystals all over the place. The dress features a modern round v-neck, cap sleeves, and a bow at the waist. The iconic bow was generously draped over a wide miniskirt.

A dramatic bow tie with modern stitched bras. A line skirt is characterized by A fine bow in the hem, which hangs in A large skirt and training.

Single shoulder belt design lets the bowknot that adorn behind the back as if be to be carried by the bride on the body, in the position of high waist also can be very good raise figure ratio. Asymmetry also makes this skirt special.

Deep V design, in the waist and abdomen with a lightsome tie button bow ornament. The very sexy look in itself becomes a bit young and lively. And the white also with the bright silver of the skirt itself match, perfect!

Don't know if the inspiration for this dress comes from the old fashioned clock? The oversized bow behind it looks like a string knob, and it looks like an elf.

NO.9 cascade design.

Layered designs are not just for flounces, or for cake dresses. It can be used in any part and at any Angle, but it usually shows the most fluid and moving curves on the hem. Many designers have a romantic idea, and in 2018 we will see more exciting works.

The bride puts on the laminated gauze, the lotus leaf edge enjoys light touch, the material of the light and light type makes the visual effect is not crowded, but like the water wave is nimble.

So, there is a lot of novelty in the wedding trend in 2018. Designers are also increasingly embracing new, unconventional designs. I don't know which shape moved you? It is unlikely that a wedding dress will contract all the trends, but as long as you are sure you are the one you love most, you are the most beautiful bride.Read more at:http://www.queenieau.com/formal-dresses-melbourne-au | http://www.queenieau.com/semi-formal-dresses
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