Actress Izara's bridal veil becomes talk of the town
ACTRESS Izara Aishah’s marriage to Muhammad Adib Khalid last Friday was a splendid affair, with the bride dressed in an immaculate ensemble capped with a flowing headscarf.

Although some Netizens were all praise for her fashion-forward wedding attire, which was put together by popular designer Rizalman Ibrahim, many expressed unflattering opinions on her syariah-compliant, yet uncommon headdress.

Social media platforms were rife with cheeky observations and witty puns, mixed with more direct stabs at the veil.

One Netizen called it “roti tisu” while another asked: “Why is Izara wearing a curtain on her head?”

Rizalman posted on his Instagram account pictures of Izara in her wedding garb, with one captioned “Sopan Couture/Future Classic”.

In one post, he wrote: “I travelled the world to find inspirations for your wedding, finding historic silhouettes from as early as the 18th century abroad and local, from museums to palaces.

“Sourcing the material and implementing new couture techniques... hours of labour were needed to finish this masterpiece.

“Attended various theatres overseas to watch and learn staging and lighting effects in order to create those ‘nikah and drama’ elements.”

Another post, made a day ago by the fashion designer, featured an old, black-and-white file photo of two women dressed in songket, with one similar to Izara’s.

Rizalman captioned it: “Kids, next time don’t fall asleep when Cikgu Murni is teaching Sejarah Melayu (Malay History). See, now you’ve failed!”

The solemnisation ceremony for Izara, 25, and Adib, 27, who is the stepson of pop queen Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, took place in an intimate event attended by over 500 guests in Damansara on Friday night.
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Kate Upton's Wedding To Justin Verlander Looked Amazing
It's official! Supermodel Kate Upton and professional baseball star Justin Verlander have tied the knot. The happy couple wed in a luxurious ceremony at a cathedral with a view of the Montalcino Valley and its surrounding vineyards. Then the reception and family time took place at the Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco resort in Tuscany, Italy. Mr. and Mrs. Verlander both shared a gorgeous picture of their walk down the aisle as husband and wife, and it is an image giving us all of the feels and the wedding goals.

How beautiful is that photo? Photographer KT Merry did a great job with this shot; but as you can see, Merry had a lot of great material to work with. Kate Uptonshared the picture with her 5.2 million fans and followers on Instagram. She wrote that she felt "lucky" to have married her "best friend," and she added grateful words for her family and friends who made the event "magical." Justin Verlander also shared the picture on Instagram, and in the caption, the Houston Astros baseball pitcher wrote,

Of course, Justin Verlander and his Houston Astros pals recently won the World Series. Between the huge personal and professional wins, it sounds like the 34-year-old athlete is on top of the world.According to a source for People, Valentino designed the gorgeous white wedding gown with lace sleeves that you see Kate Upton wearing in the photo.

Furthermore, she wore her hair down in loose waves, and she received makeup styling by makeup artist Tracy Murphy. In fact, Murphy posted various pictures of Tuscany and the Vatican during her time in Italy with Upton and Verlander; however, she did not post any public social media pictures of the wedding itself for obvious reasons.

Still, the photos Murphy posted showed that the weather in Italy was perfect for Upton and Verlander's beautiful November wedding.Kate Upton and Justin Verlander got engaged sometime in 2016, and the 25-year-old actress-slash-model debuted her custom engagement ring by jewelry designer Anita Ko on the red carpet of the Met Gala in May of the same year.

Upton later told reporters Verlander asked for her hand in marriage before the 2016 season began, but they decided to keep quiet about the news for a short while. In fact, Upton and Verlander chose not to reveal many details about their wedding plans while they were making them.

Kate Upton did indicate in interviews that she wanted to select the location and venue before picking out her wedding dress. Plus, Upton revealed early on that she wished to have family and friends at the ceremony, because she has always been close to them. It sounds like all of those wishes and more came true. Congratulations, Kate and Justin!Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-melbourne-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-sydney
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6 Surprising Trends Shaping Marriage in the United States
Marriage is transforming in the United States. We’re getting married in different ways, for different reasons, to different people, and under different conditions and circumstances. So how are these trends forming, and what does it mean about the state of marriage in the United States?

Most Surprising Trends

These are some of the most surprising marriage-related trends forming in the United States:

Marrying delays. On average, people are waiting longer to get married, procrastinating a decision that previous generations made in their early 20s. This is especially common in the millennial generation, since many millennials still live with their parents, struggle financially, or otherwise feel unready for the commitment of marriage. This is driving the overall marriage rate slightly lower, and is skewing the marriage figures slightly higher, in favor of people in their late 20s to early 30s, instead of early 20s.

Lower divorce rates. Though many people assume that the divorce rate has risen consistently for decades and continues to rise, given how easy it is to get divorced in the United States, the divorce rate actually stands at a 40-year low. There are many potential reasons for this. It could be that the initial boom in divorce rates has finally ended, and divorce rates have stabilized. It could be that because people are marrying older, they’re making smarter and longer-term decisions about their partners. It could be that some people are forgoing marriage altogether, and filtering themselves out from the pool of potential divorcees. Most likely, it’s a complicated combination of all these factors and some that economists haven’t even identified.

Online registries and planning. Thanks to the prevalence and availability of the internet, the way people are planning weddings is starting to change too. Couples now have access to far more options, and with far greater convenience; for example, they can choose online registries with thousands of potential gift options, and contact online wedding planners for assistance without ever meeting in person.

More partnership without marriage. More people are also choosing to live together in a partnership, instead of getting married. Younger generations value marriage less as a symbol of a committed relationship, and instead pursue committed relationships by their own standards. This may be partially contributing to lower rates of divorce; since fewer committed couples formalize their commitments with marriage, fewer divorces are necessary if the couple eventually splits. On top of that, more people than ever before are living alone, without a partner or spouse; the rate was 39 percent in 2007, but has climbed to 42 percent in 2017.

Looser perspectives on marriage. People, especially younger people, are starting to see marriage as less important, and have looser perspectives on how and why marriages should take place. By some, marriage is seen almost as a luxury, rather than a necessity or an important social step to take. By others, marriage is seen as a relic of the past; it’s viewed as an outdated institution that was created for the sake of improving family status and ensuring successful bloodlines. Getting married is, therefore, a lower priority, and a more flexible one, than building a career and contributing to society.

Fewer religious overtones. Americans are becoming decreasingly focused on religion as well. Compared to 2007, there are about 5 million fewer Christians in the United States, and the percentage of Americans who have no religious affiliation has risen from 16 percent to nearly 23 percent. Accordingly, weddings and marriages are starting to have fewer religious overtones; there are more secular weddings in the United States, and religious-centric weddings are less focused on traditions and spirituality, and more focused on the celebratory nature of the event.

Are These Trends Good or Bad?

You likely read about at least one of these trends and thought about it as being a “good” or “bad” thing about society. For example, if you’re religious, you might see the increased secularism of marriages to be a sign of decline, or if you’re a major proponent of marriage, you might see the lower divorce rates as a good sign.

However, none of these trends is truly good or bad, for one important reason; marriage is a cultural creation, and it holds value only because we ascribe value to it. If, collectively, we redefine what those values are and how we perceive them, then our view on marriage changes, and we change along with it.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/lace-wedding-dresses-australia | http://www.sheindressau.com/vintage-wedding-dresses-au
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Nature And Romance Inspire New Fashion Lines
Designers Djey Tanwar and Megha Sikchi will showcase their new collection 'Paradise Ocean', inspired by nature, and Delhi-based designer Bani Khurana will launch her 'Dainty Romance' line at a forthcoming fashion event.

Tanwar and Sikchi's new red carpet collection under their label "The O.F.U" is in black, ice grey-blue, gold, red, turquoise, read a statement.

The designers have used mesh, sequins, stones, and beads to showcase the elements from the sea like the corals and the reefs. They have added frills, spangles, and tassles to the cocktail gowns, dramatic skirts with sculpted bodices, crop tops and shrugs.

"Nature has always inspired us. It has a myriad of colours and elements. This time we decided to take different elements from the sky and the ocean and capture it in our new collection," Sikchi said.

"The collection is very comfortable and wearable and we are confident everyone is going to love it," Tanwar added.

Khurana will also showcase her new collection "Dainty Romance" at the India Beach Fashion Week 2017. The three-day fashion gala in Goa will start from Thursday.

Talking about her line, Khurana said: "My new collection is a perfect blend of the traditional Indian designs with western cuts and silhouettes. It's perfect for the stylish, globe-trotting, fashion-forward young Indian women."Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-melbourne-au
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Stal Gallery, in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, has announced the opening of ‘The Journey of Finding Beauty’ exhibition by German artist Janin Walter at Stal Gallery.

In the context of the Artist-in-Residence Programme of Stal Gallery and the Goethe-Institut/Gulf Region, the artist and architect Janin worked with local artists, designers and architects investigating the subject of beauty. In several workshops, participants discussed their personal relationship with the concept of beauty as well as which types of architecture they perceived as ‘beautiful’. The results of the workshop were used to develop artistic works.

The main feature of the exhibition, ‘The Journey of Finding Beauty’, is a video that interprets and visualises the ideas of the workshop participants. Themes such as harmony, monstrosity, soul, female strength and geometry are examined in short videos from the artist’s point of view.

In the series Wadi Sabi, pictures will be displayed showing architectures whose characteristics are exaggerated. The architectural photographs were made on many tours the artist made during her stay. The video ‘In Between’ shows urban spaces that have fallen out of focus because they are connoted with decay. But there, one finds a projection area for many activities.

Since the working process during the artist’s residence is just as important as the artistic work, a further room in the gallery will feature a documentation of the workshops as well as tools that were used during the process.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/strapless-wedding-dresses-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/a-line-wedding-dresses-au
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4 rules for a financially successful relationship
Sitting at an outdoor wedding this past weekend, sweating, listening to the couple exchange vows, promises and one well-timed kiss, my mind began to wander into the financial realm.

Having been to dozens of weddings in my lifetime, and having examined thousands of couples’ financial lives, I always feel like it’d be worth everyone’s time to just spell out the financial challenges that lie ahead for every marriage, or any committed relationship for that matter.

Finding your way onto the same financial page as your significant other is one of the smartest things you can do for both your marriage and your future. You’d think that your aligned interests would make this easier, but it doesn’t work that way. You’re basically set up for failure from the beginning, and the sooner you realize that and put a real plan together, the better.

Your problems began before you ever knew your sweetie. You were raised by different people with different values in different circumstances. This is to say that your relationship with money was crafted by one or more people who may or may not have had any idea what they were doing with money.

You can have a perfectly “normal” childhood, yet still be the product of a financial ignoramus. You likely won’t realize this until you’re well into adulthood. And, when you combine your baggage with your significant other’s baggage, you end up with lots of baggage.

No matter what financial background you come from, I encourage you to follow four rules for a financially successful relationship with your significant other.

Unless you experience an unbelievable coincidence, one person is going to earn more money than the other person. But as long as you remember my first rule, that won’t be a problem. A dollar doesn’t equal a vote. If you earn more money than your significant other, you don’t get to call any more shots than they do. You don’t get a more powerful vote if you happen to earn more money.

Feel free to violate this rule if you don’t care to stay happy and married. Your combined earnings equal your household income, and that income is for the household’s needs, wants and goals.

Speaking of household goals, rule No. 2 is develop household goals. I find this to be the most challenging aim for most couples.

I have this little scale I call the stuff/stability scale. On one end is stuff and on the other end is stability. It’s hard to create joint goals because it’s tough for two people to be at the same place on the stuff/stability scale. One person is more interested in acquiring more and better stuff and the other person is more interested in creating more and better stability. And when you have extra money laying around which you can assign to financial goals, the stuff person is gonna want more stuff and the stability person is gonna want more stability.

At some point in the relationship, a person is going to make a financial mistake (accidental or otherwise). When that happens, the other person shouldn’t break rule No. 3 and turn to revenge spending. It makes zero sense to punish your partner by committing an additional financial atrocity. If one person makes a financial decision they shouldn’t, don’t adopt an eye-for-an-eye philosophy. Just pick up where you left off and get back to work on the next household goal.

The final rule is vital. No loners. One individual cannot be left out of the household’s finances, no matter the circumstances. It’s not fair to leave one person solely responsible for a couple’s financial future. If your partner suffers from good behavior lapses from time to time, leaving them out in the dark is the worst thing you can do. Your household finances are only as good as your weakest link. Strengthen the weakest link, don’t isolate them.

Sharing your financial life with someone is very difficult. It requires a tremendous amount of sustained effort.

When your partner falters (as they invariably will just as you will), you should be there to hold them accountable and then move forward together toward your shared household goals. The alternative is easier, but it’s not sustainable.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/vintage-bridesmaid-dresses | http://www.sheindressau.com/plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-australia
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Frugal groom gets guests to pay for dream wedding
A thrifty groom in the UK managed to pull off his fiancée’s dream wedding by having guests pay for the venue.

33-year-old Ben Farina and his bride-to-be Claire Moran, 37 thought they would never be able to afford a wedding. The couple, who are parents to two girls, didn't want to blow out money for one day, when they have their family's needs to think about, according t a report by The Sun.

However, Farina didn't let that stop him and managed to plan and awesome wedding on £2,000 budget. Second hand paper flowers were used for decorating the reception, a local busker off the street will perform the music and Ben's suit was bought for £50 suit.

A family member will be making the canapés for £30 and has agreed to pay for it. For the bride and her bridesmaids’ make-up, their teenage daughter will be taking care of it for free. The pair even managed to snag a countryside retreat The Knockerdown Farm in Gainsborough, Lincs, at a discounted price of £10,000 and didn't have to pay a penny.

"It might sound stingy but as a guest myself at other weddings I’ve had to fork out more than that for hotels," Ben told The Sun. Adding, "The way I see it is they’re getting a weekend away, which is basically a holiday, and we get a free wedding. It works for everyone." Wedding guests will be forking £150 each to stay there and while children will be charged £50.

For the music, his iPod will be doing all the work and they dance the night away. "We’re not looking for a really extravagant day. What matters to us is that we’ll be married and are able to celebrate our day with our friends and family," the excited groom told The Sun.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/bridesmaid-dresses-australia | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-brisbane
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Deal with post-wedding blues like a pro
From perfecting the bigger things like your wedding dress and venue, to stressing over little things like which font you will use for your invites and save-the-dates, wedding planning can be one of the most all-consuming ventures you take on. There’s so much happening every minute that leads up to your big day—catering decisions, bachelorette activities, outfit fittings, and the list goes on and on — that when it’s all over, you suddenly find a vacuum that you don’t know how to fill. For some, the gravity of married life also seems a bit looming now that the fun and festivities of the wedding are over. Here are some things you can do to deal with the dreaded post-wedding blues.

Have something to look forward to

Even while wedding prep drove you mad at times, you knew it would be worth it since you had your big day to look forward to. Now that it's done, plan activities with your partner that you can look forward to. It could be something as simple as date nights at a new restaurant, a small weekend getaway, or a fun night out with your mutual friends, anything that will stop you from feeling like you no longer know what to do.

Don’t dive into work

It might not be the best decision to dive into work just yet. Extend your break for another week and find something else—a passion or a hobby—to occupy your time. It might be hard to go from constantly being surrounded by people willing to help you plan the wedding to working in an environment where you’re more or less on your own. Take this time off to rejuvenate and make time for your other interests, be it getting fit or even decorating your new house or room! It’ll help you deal with the blues by distracting yourself and you’ll be ready to eventually get back to work later.

Consider pre-marital counseling

Often, when the wedding is over, couples get overwhelmed with the challenges and responsibilities that come with marriage. In this case, it might help to attend some pre-marital counseling sessions before the wedding. This could help your partner and you figure out how you will deal with conflicts that could arise later, and would help you build your overall compatibility. The more prepared you feel about your marriage, the lesser the blues will hit you.

Communicate please

If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t deal with it alone. Let your spouse know that you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe both of you can get through it together. This also helps your spouse deal with the situation better since he may be wondering what went wrong and why you aren’t feeling the same post-wedding bliss that he is. Talking about your fears and feelings will help you better understand what’s going on in your mind and lift the gloom.

Keep up pre-wedding rituals

Change and marriage go hand in hand. There’s so much that’s changing around you—the family you live with, your daily routine—that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Don’t let change intimidate you though. Make time, and prioritise some pre-wedding rituals. It could be coffee plans with your girlfriends, or weekly movie plans with your parents, anything could act as an anchor to hold on to during this phase.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-brisbane
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7 Miniature Beauty Products to Stash in a New York Fashion Week Bag
The throes of New York Fashion Week are upon us, as day one kicks off with a roaring start. Between late-night cocktail parties and early morning shows across town, there’s no time for tired eyes or messy hair. And while booking a midweek blowout seems like a perfectly acceptable solution, it may feel unlikely as the schedule fills up. How to make the most of those 15-minute Uber rides? With a carefully edited makeup bag, stocked with seven compact (and mandatory!) beauty products.

First up, Victoria Beckham’s illuminating moisturizer to give skin the “morning aura” it may be lacking this week. Dull cheeks get a boost of color with the help of Burberry’s rosy printed blush, and if a sleek moody blue lipstick seems risky, not to worry—Tom Ford’s unconventional new shade disappears on contact, leaving behind only an upgraded shimmer. To give flyaways a run for their money, rake a dime-sized amount of Lano’s all-over balm through strands—bonus points to those who use it as a double duty cuticle hydrator. Preventing the Fashion Week flu has never been easier, thanks to Byredo’s rinse-free hand wash, and for a burst of energy, sprinkle Cap Beauty’s genius individually wrapped matcha sticks into a water bottle to fight the afternoon slump.

Here, seven downsized, clutch-friendly products to slip into even the tiniest of street style photographer–approved bags.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/grey-bridesmaid-dresses | http://www.sheindressau.com/one-shoulder-bridesmaid-dresses
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Victoria's Secret Show
Kendall Jenner to Skip Victoria's Secret Show; Kevin Durant Says Athletes Don't Like Under Armour

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