Frugal groom gets guests to pay for dream wedding
A thrifty groom in the UK managed to pull off his fiancée’s dream wedding by having guests pay for the venue.

33-year-old Ben Farina and his bride-to-be Claire Moran, 37 thought they would never be able to afford a wedding. The couple, who are parents to two girls, didn't want to blow out money for one day, when they have their family's needs to think about, according t a report by The Sun.

However, Farina didn't let that stop him and managed to plan and awesome wedding on £2,000 budget. Second hand paper flowers were used for decorating the reception, a local busker off the street will perform the music and Ben's suit was bought for £50 suit.

A family member will be making the canapés for £30 and has agreed to pay for it. For the bride and her bridesmaids’ make-up, their teenage daughter will be taking care of it for free. The pair even managed to snag a countryside retreat The Knockerdown Farm in Gainsborough, Lincs, at a discounted price of £10,000 and didn't have to pay a penny.

"It might sound stingy but as a guest myself at other weddings I’ve had to fork out more than that for hotels," Ben told The Sun. Adding, "The way I see it is they’re getting a weekend away, which is basically a holiday, and we get a free wedding. It works for everyone." Wedding guests will be forking £150 each to stay there and while children will be charged £50.

For the music, his iPod will be doing all the work and they dance the night away. "We’re not looking for a really extravagant day. What matters to us is that we’ll be married and are able to celebrate our day with our friends and family," the excited groom told The Sun.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/bridesmaid-dresses-australia | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-brisbane
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Deal with post-wedding blues like a pro
From perfecting the bigger things like your wedding dress and venue, to stressing over little things like which font you will use for your invites and save-the-dates, wedding planning can be one of the most all-consuming ventures you take on. There’s so much happening every minute that leads up to your big day—catering decisions, bachelorette activities, outfit fittings, and the list goes on and on — that when it’s all over, you suddenly find a vacuum that you don’t know how to fill. For some, the gravity of married life also seems a bit looming now that the fun and festivities of the wedding are over. Here are some things you can do to deal with the dreaded post-wedding blues.

Have something to look forward to

Even while wedding prep drove you mad at times, you knew it would be worth it since you had your big day to look forward to. Now that it's done, plan activities with your partner that you can look forward to. It could be something as simple as date nights at a new restaurant, a small weekend getaway, or a fun night out with your mutual friends, anything that will stop you from feeling like you no longer know what to do.

Don’t dive into work

It might not be the best decision to dive into work just yet. Extend your break for another week and find something else—a passion or a hobby—to occupy your time. It might be hard to go from constantly being surrounded by people willing to help you plan the wedding to working in an environment where you’re more or less on your own. Take this time off to rejuvenate and make time for your other interests, be it getting fit or even decorating your new house or room! It’ll help you deal with the blues by distracting yourself and you’ll be ready to eventually get back to work later.

Consider pre-marital counseling

Often, when the wedding is over, couples get overwhelmed with the challenges and responsibilities that come with marriage. In this case, it might help to attend some pre-marital counseling sessions before the wedding. This could help your partner and you figure out how you will deal with conflicts that could arise later, and would help you build your overall compatibility. The more prepared you feel about your marriage, the lesser the blues will hit you.

Communicate please

If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t deal with it alone. Let your spouse know that you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe both of you can get through it together. This also helps your spouse deal with the situation better since he may be wondering what went wrong and why you aren’t feeling the same post-wedding bliss that he is. Talking about your fears and feelings will help you better understand what’s going on in your mind and lift the gloom.

Keep up pre-wedding rituals

Change and marriage go hand in hand. There’s so much that’s changing around you—the family you live with, your daily routine—that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Don’t let change intimidate you though. Make time, and prioritise some pre-wedding rituals. It could be coffee plans with your girlfriends, or weekly movie plans with your parents, anything could act as an anchor to hold on to during this phase.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-brisbane
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7 Miniature Beauty Products to Stash in a New York Fashion Week Bag
The throes of New York Fashion Week are upon us, as day one kicks off with a roaring start. Between late-night cocktail parties and early morning shows across town, there’s no time for tired eyes or messy hair. And while booking a midweek blowout seems like a perfectly acceptable solution, it may feel unlikely as the schedule fills up. How to make the most of those 15-minute Uber rides? With a carefully edited makeup bag, stocked with seven compact (and mandatory!) beauty products.

First up, Victoria Beckham’s illuminating moisturizer to give skin the “morning aura” it may be lacking this week. Dull cheeks get a boost of color with the help of Burberry’s rosy printed blush, and if a sleek moody blue lipstick seems risky, not to worry—Tom Ford’s unconventional new shade disappears on contact, leaving behind only an upgraded shimmer. To give flyaways a run for their money, rake a dime-sized amount of Lano’s all-over balm through strands—bonus points to those who use it as a double duty cuticle hydrator. Preventing the Fashion Week flu has never been easier, thanks to Byredo’s rinse-free hand wash, and for a burst of energy, sprinkle Cap Beauty’s genius individually wrapped matcha sticks into a water bottle to fight the afternoon slump.

Here, seven downsized, clutch-friendly products to slip into even the tiniest of street style photographer–approved bags.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/grey-bridesmaid-dresses | http://www.sheindressau.com/one-shoulder-bridesmaid-dresses
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Victoria's Secret Show
Kendall Jenner to Skip Victoria's Secret Show; Kevin Durant Says Athletes Don't Like Under Armour

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a Big Winner at the VMAs
Kendrick Lamar’s Outfit Was Also a Big Winner at the VMAs

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the Discount-Expecting Consumer
Gap Inc. recently reported better-than-expected second-quarter results and raised its full-year profit forecast.

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Tala Alamuddin is launching her own collection
Tala Alamuddin is launching her own collection- and big sister Amal Clooney is already wearing it

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Growing a Brand
An Up-and-Coming Designer on the One Thing You Must Keep in Mind While Growing a Brand

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White House Communications Director
6 Things to Know About the Teen Model Turned Interim White House Communications Director

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Makeup Vlogger's Racist Past
Kim Kardashian Apologizes After Defending Makeup Vlogger's Racist Past

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