June is six and is thriving
I feel less like writing about her online, mindful of the fact that she’s going to live in this online world one day and should get to speak for herself. I think it’s okay, though, to mention that she is possibly the world’s number one fan of beans and greens, refuses raw tomatoes and a wide variety of vegetables, lives for meat meat MEAT, and shares my passion for Nerds and sour gummies. Brandon gave me an Instant Pot for my birthday. I checked out Dinner in an Instant from the library, and June, thumbing through it, promptly requested Garlicky Cuban Pork. (Hot tip: do degrease the juices after cooking, preferably with a fat separator.) Ash has also made a bang-up Shrimp Scampi from the same book. We are now Instant Pot believers. If this blog were still thriving, and if it had stayed solely about food, it would probably become one of those Instant Pot blogs.

June took the three photos that follow, using the old Pentax K1000 camera I bought myself in 2008 and film that was left in my parents’ freezer after my dad died in 2002. She calls it her camera now, and these shots are from her second-ever roll. Burg would be proud. Atta girl.

What a pleasure this is. I’d almost forgotten. Thank you.

P.S. Crap, totally forgot: I am teaching a fair amount now! Currently don’t have much scheduled so that I can focus on writing, but I will be teaching a four-day workshop on the craft of food memoir next May, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A dream!
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Turkey overload antidote: Pan-seared, oven-finished Steak with Mustard Sauce
We loved our Thanksgiving turkey. We loved sitting down to dinner with family, sharing the roast turkey, the sides, the three(!) desserts. We loved the leftover turkey—on plates with also leftover sides; in sandwiches; random bites nabbed from the container and eaten cold; reheated in an impromptu sauce with aromatics and served over rice. Then suddenly, we didn’t love the turkey. It was time for steak Air to water Heat Pump systems.

go-to-the-recipeThere’s just something about a steak that pushes so many animal instinct buttons for me. Simply cooked, it delivers an unsubtle, unnuanced, serious, satisfying meatiness no other animal protein can touch. This recipe uses New York strip steak, a particularly flavorful cut. It also uses my current favorite method for cooking steak—pan searing it, then finishing it in the oven. Oven finishing surrounds the steak with an even, gentle heat to cook it through without overly cooking the outsides VRF system design.

And because I was still in Thanksgiving mode, wanting a little extra going on, I made a simple mustard sauce. It added a tangy richness to the steak. The recipe shows ways to make it a little less simple, if you like made in hongkong.
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Oreo Red Velvet Ice Cream Recipe: If you love red velvet cake, you will absolutely adore this fun frozen dessert twist VRF system!

I’m super excited to share a new ice cream recipe on Safest Choice today!!! And it starts with my serious jones for red velvet cake. In fact, red velvet ended up being on the cover of my first cookbook so you know I adore it. At some point, I knew red velvet would end up being an ice cream flavor on my blog and now it is. Thanks to Safest Choice, you will now be able to experience the most sensational and delicious ice cream red velvet style. Check out the recipe HERE serviced apartment HK.

This recipe starts with building a rich custard base. It is my fave! Because Safest Choice pasteurizes its eggs, this recipe is beyond safe to consume and even have the kids help with. These eggs are hormone free, antibiotic free, and vegetarian-fed which makes for quite an experience where you can just worry about having fun with your family instead of health issues.

To my custard base, I added true red velvet flavors link a subtle hint of cocoa powder and buttermilk which really gives you more of what you love in the cake. To that, I
tinted my red velvet ice cream using red food coloring. You can use as much or as little as you would like. You can go with gel or liquid or even natural food coloring if you prefer. That is totally up to you. Then after finishing the red velvet base, I added cookies and cream because it was so awesome Sage online.

Red velvet just went to another level y’all. You gotta try this new ice cream.
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Cranberry Green Chili Lemonade with (or without) Lemon Vodka
Fresh squeezed lemonade, cranberry syrup, and roasted green chilis combine to create an intriguing, unusually complex cocktail that becomes more addicting with every sip Variable refrigerant volume system.

Earlier this year, on a motorcycle trip to California, my husband and I took shelter from breakneck winds inside a restaurant in the town of Hatch, New Mexico. Hatch is a very small town – under 2000 people – but they produce so many green chilis that they’re known as the chili capital of the world weekend market.

Predictably, if you find yourself in a restaurant in the chili capital of the world, there’s going to be green chilis in everything on the menu – including the beverages. This particular restaurant had a giant container of green chili lemonade right by the cash register, so yeah. Of course I’m going to try that. And, oh my. Green chili lemonade is the bomb employer tax return hk.
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One of the first things I baked after we moved to our new place was a batch of these Black and White Marble Crumb Muffins. They were inspired by some muffins I bought on impulse when shopping for groceries. I was so smitten with the marbled chocolate and vanilla combo with a chocolate crumb topping that I knew I had to try to bake something similar Ceiling mounted type air conditioner.

The batter for these muffins starts out innocently enough as a simple vanilla batter made with yogurt. But then magical things happens when half of that batter gets mixed with some cocoa powder. Now you have two muffin batters to marble together to make a little chocolate and vanilla muffin magic companies management.

And let’s not forget that crumb topping. It’s not your ordinary crumb topping. No, this is a chocolate crumb topping. Oh, yeah. And to make it even better, there’s a hint of cinnamon for a lovely flavor addition. The whole package is sweet and soft and just plain delicious scholarship for overseas study.

As I mentioned, these muffins are made with yogurt. That keeps them nicely soft and moist. You can use plain or vanilla yogurt in the recipe. I almost always have vanilla yogurt on hand, so I usually use that and just omit the vanilla extract in the recipe. You’ll still get plenty of vanilla flavor even without the extract.

If you like, you can leave your mixer unplugged for these muffins in favor of stirring by hand. Either way is just fine. Either way, just be careful not to overmix the batter.

When it comes time to transfer the batter to the muffin cups, it’s really simple to create the marbled effect. Just alternate teaspoonfuls of the two batters in the muffin cups. Don’t worry about being accurate about it. Just measure it roughly and dollop it in the cups. There’s no swirling involved, and you’ll still get a nice marbled look.

These Black and White Marble Crumb Muffins are a wonderfully sweet treat for breakfast or brunch. I can attest that they also make a mighty fine afternoon snack. They’re so good with such great flavor that I’m happy to enjoy one most any time of day!
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No-Knead Potato Pizza
Potato pizza sounds a bit odd, until you try it. The first time I had it was in Rome at Pizzarium, which I still remember almost fifteen years later. My memory isn’t what it used to be (as people insist on pointing out…), but I think I also had it at the Forno Campo de Fiori as well, and couldn’t get enough of it. I wondered what took me so long to discover this great topping for pizza, and why wasn’t it more well known Serviced apartments?

A couple of years back, the no-knead bread sensation swept across the planet, or at least across the internet. I first heard about breads that don’t require kneading in No Need
to Knead by Suzanne Dunaway, then by Jim Lahey in his book My Bread. Before those two, Charles Van Over surprised the baking world with bread that could be made in the food processor in The Best Bread Ever, which won both a James Beard award and the IACP Julie Child award. And Zoë François is doing the same, with holiday breads and more hong kong bookkeeping.

What all this means is that one of the obstacles have been removed from making bread, as well as pizza, at home. So it’s easy to give it a go, which I did hong kong studentships for international students.

If you’ve ever had a Neapolitan pizza, you know that pizza doesn’t have to have an extra-crispy crust. I thought that a potato pizza would benefit from one, and used a baking steel, which works great for free-form pizzas and flatbreads, but I found it made the bottom of my first one way too crispy. (Which is probably why the recipe didn’t say to use one.)

So we don’t always need to go to find the “ultimate” whatever when you’re baking, and I tried it a second time without the steel, and recommend that you skip the steel or pizza stone on this one.
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Healthy Zucchini Carrot Tortilla Wraps
Ever so often I have bad eating days, and while it might be fun giving in to temptations and being lazy, I begin to crave a – good- healthy – refreshing meal soon after. And believe you me when I tell you, you can still be lazy and have a nutritious meal. As putting something like this together takes very little effort Duct type air conditioner.

These soft zucchini and carrot tortillas are put together in minutes and you can stuff just about anything your heart desires in in. I chose to add an egg to mix, but you can totally omit it and they will still turn out perfect. Made with 2 amazing flours – Green Mung Bean flour and Chickpea Flour this tortilla is high in protein and the added grated vegetables bring fibre, vitamins and minerals. These tortillas are good to eat just as they are. Roll them up and they’re a perfect anytime healthy snack. But since this was lunch and I needed it to be a bit more filling, I decided to make it even better with Kale, Tofu and Micro Greens. These tortillas need a condiment to bring it together and Sriracha does the job. You could use any other sauce that works for you. The egg is optional. If you’re Vegan don’t worry this recipe still works perfectly without the egg handmade market.

In a non stick pan, heat the olive oil, add the sesame seeds to them and fry till toasted, add the turmeric, paprika and salt and fry for a few seconds. Add the tofu and toss making sure the flavoured oil coats all the of the cubes. Pan fry further for a few minutes till the cubes are a little crisp and take off the heat and set aside.

To assemble the tortillas, place the Kale at the bottom, top with tofu, micro greens and edamame. Drizzle some chilli sauce, fold over and serve start company in hong kong.
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Life Changing Green Rice Porridge (Instant Pot, Vegan)
I don’t use the term life changing lightly, but this rice porridge recipe fits the bill. It’s a one pot, effortless, green, nutrient-packed twist on one of my favorite things to eat. Congee, also commonly referred to as rice porridge. This version incorporates a lot of chopped spinach. A lot. Enough spinach that your body will notice juris doctor hong kong.

The Cooking Method
I make this porridge in an Instant Pot. You can also make it in a thick-bottomed pot on the stovetop - no Instant Potnecessary. Although, that method requires more babysitting hong kong apartment for rent.

Similar to this Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric, you put your rice into the pot, add water or broth, walk away, and start daydreaming about toppings.

Let’s Talk about Toppings
Here you see lime, crushed kale chips and toasted nori, toasted pepitas, hemp seeds, and jungle peanuts. The tofu is sliced thinly, drizzled with shoyu, and draped over the porridge. Sometimes I spike the whole situation with sriracha sauce, sometimes I don’t.

Getting the Rice Porridge Just Right
I’ve settled on a ratio of brown rice to white rice that works really well. You’ll see that reflected in the recipe. It’s one part white jasmine rice to two parts brown jasmine rice. You can optionally pepper that rice blend with 1/4 cup of other quick cooking grains or pulses if you like - French lentils, adzuki beans, Job’s tears, etc. Or not, totally your call apartments for rent Hong Kong!

I know I say this often, but feel free to use this recipe and ratio as a jumping off point. Next time I might add a bunch of chopped herbs, and use another favorite broth in place of water.

I hope you love this rice porridge! It’s nutrient-packed and green. Simple to make. Made with whole foods. Delicious anytime of day. One pan magic. And, the perfect hearty, satisfying canvas to load up with your favorite toppings.
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Green Goddess Salad
Some days you binge and eat bad, some days you balance it out. Balancing it out shouldn’t be too difficult if you put in a tiny bit of effort to make look and taste wonderful. The simplest of ingredients can come to life when paired correctly and anything that looks good to begin with satisfies half your appetite. Its automatically a happy meal. This salad is one such effortless meal. Simple and satisfying master of education hong kong.

serves 1

1 Zucchini
1 cup Blanched Brocolli
1/2 cup Peas, boiled in salted water
Flat leaf parsley
Fresh Oregano
1/2 Avocado
Prepare the veggies …

Make Zucchini noodles using a noodle maker.
Blanch the cut florets of Broccoli in hot water for 5 mins, and run under cold water and dry on kitchen paper.
Boil the peas till just about done in salted water. Drain and run under cold water, dry on kitchen paper.
Slice finely one half of an avocado and roll and place on the centre of the plate.
Style as you please and garnish with fresh herbs.
Drizzle with dressing Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioner.

7-8 large Basil leaves
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
Cashews – a tight fistful
1 clove of Garlic
Juice of 1/2 lime
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp water

Blend all this together to make a smooth paste in a small grinder. This dressing is full on flavour and very creamy. The cashews somehow make a great substitute for cheese and the lime add a kick to the creamy dressing. The water basically aids the grinding, since its a small quantity, but it also makes it lighter. Drizzle generously over the salad and enjoy apartment central hk.
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