Blew a yellow

Bleak wind through the branches of the fruits gap the autumn, fallen leaves with a proverb whispering words slowly, melancholy heart wrapped in a kind of sincere feeling lingering quietly, who touches the chord? Let locked her eyebrow stretch, acacia overflow.

This October autumn wind, blew on the withered and yellow, my city also added a old and clear. Standing under the qiu ju guardrail, silent, look, Dream beauty pro the day is blue, cloud is pale, a few birds flying cloud empty, sunset, pieces of yellow leaves FenYang, against the green flag, at the moment, the heart suddenly a sharp pain. Fall, is the season of joy I originally, because life is too thin cool, this life, in order to read or a certain period of a certain mood, take too much time, love and expectations, lose life when waking up, only to find that the years wind and frost sword hurt thousands of warehouse, after countless, the world of mortals of the past into the memory of the dust.

Remember once, I if I am a cloud in the sky, I don't go to the lonely, don't go to the desolate ends of the earth, I with full of love, occasionally projection in the wave of your heart, when you haven't noticed, and destroyed in an instant. I have if I were a pieces of fallen leaves, fell behind you with a full, static for your time, as the night wind, follow your shadow, internally in your dreams, interpretation of the feelings, one season solutions for a ride to be lonely, poetic flavour ground in the world of mortals have a crush on you.

Remember that year autumn, while October is as hot as summer in the south, but for me, it is the same as the northern cold and cold. You say I can't forgive the fault is late, I come, prelude has been opened, a lot of people are in for your indecision chimes spectacular and intoxication, behind and don't understand your sadness and confusion, I see clearly is the numbness in your messy applause and happy. You, after all, no enemy who ever wasted, so in that moment, maybe you didn't notice me on psalteries sheng xiao solitude and loneliness, Dream beauty pro in the boundless field, sentient beings, the arrangement of the destiny, we will not survive. Turn around, I have north drift into leaf greenish yellow, like in the bleak autumn wind elves silently delimit falls, every day without you, the heart so heavy, drifting heart where to stay. The world of mortals too, love is the hope of helpless. When time memories scattered the dust and love are deeply buried, when every step, all walk very lonely, thank you for all you gave me when I was helpless.

Mountains, each a short meet, you are written with messy tenderness, from the shore, the dense branches full of love. You said this life, can't make me, I, a pair of people, often only in your mind, draw the outline of our best picture, walking in the depths of the time quietly waiting, such as the afterlife to hold my hand, I exist. I was teasing you, afterlife early xu you give others, I have to wait a couple of the world? Now, looking back at me how many times have in the north light to each have no you, silent sting the eyes open. Inexorably, wane, round, missing vines filled the heart of the cold in the north, moored I am still waiting for you. Don't emotional vows of eternal love, don't forever promise. Because to understand, stumbles is the best serve.

On the other side of time, whether you also in the south for me to stay in the sun? If you will, in the crowded street, looking and searching, looking forward to meet in the oblique uri of the corner. With the import, whether, as looks at the water green wave, Xiao Feng relentless rain on a lotus? Remember someone once said "one's life will meet two people, an amazing time, a warm years." And the emergence of you amaze me, touching my sorrow, I drunk, taping in the fictional castle, in the eyes of deep struggle.

Rustling zephyr ferry, wood, hope don't wear of autumn waters, who after a tender feelings? The cycle of day and night, haze, TouGu thin cold, cool, the deep and remote dream who? Windy and rainy all withered and yellow, the courtyard, the imperfect of the end of the world, who broke the infatuation? ZhuYing shake red, solitary pillow cold and distant time, who pay the lovesickness? In migratory season, joined a bosom thoughts, sitting in the corner of the earth, say with you once warm alone, think of you the good, let it fall time, I am still in between the lines, recounting a memory about you memory, end frames into a eternal gaze on every softly.

Recall those days with you, let me wrong thought: "this life the most beautiful scenery, nu skin hong kong is meet with you", who met fireworks, only the remaining time and memories of yesterday, today has spawned endless miss to you, night after night dream have you, by the time the dream, only I a person alone in the cold night in the north.

October autumn, waves of cool wind blew pieces of yellow leaves, eyeful bleak, your city, so it is now? If you listen carefully to their whispering, can feel they are beating with the pulse and breathing. In this fall, you take your dreams go away, a burst of autumnal winds, a roll of the fallen leaves, and I... Can only pass by this autumn without you.

Busy day goes on, we each rush about in the way of their dream, occasionally waste, standing in a noisy crowd, ahead in the distance, with no end in sight, don't know when, the day was cold, only to find that every one of us will meet different kinds of people in life, some people, miss, leave a fuzzy face, live three seconds of memory; And some people, but like the dust toward the life together, a sand sculpture of aggregated into a statue standing on the grounds of the life.

Luxuriant in time, I met you, will otherwise desolate heart with you to listen to, at that time, my the sky is becoming more dazzling; After you leave, I leave, I in the north, in the south, you left a city, and accumulation of worry, follow to grow up with The Times, thin leaves originally, now, also becomes thick, let the wind to where, cool inherit, enron's listening to the time's letters. And the distance of the fallen leaves, I think, should be the same as me, dancing with the wind, leaning against the wind republican, will give us time, have a good collection; Those who once scraps of paper, words, and smile, is as we met confirm!!!!

Stories are written here, do you like it? Years later, when we meet again, if you don't back to the feeling, go take a look at the old street old, memory is always there, never go away.

Remember to smile to each other, said 1: long time no see, finally return of the king.

Remember, the first blooming smile, at that time, the years carve the us, remember to say: actually, we haven't changed.
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