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Who all lost for love

A person, a cup of tea, a curtain dream. Sometimes, loneliness is going to let a person enchanted, and only at the moment, the world will be normal. Cool wind blowing garment unlined upper garment, drizzle hazy poems. Alone on a window, look outside the window the bluestone alley, a long-lost oiled paper umbrella, covered under the eaves.

Time cool, that a story has been soaking water, Dream beauty pro wash the lead China already, clear bright and clean. Thought that experience the world in a hurry can taste a variety of fireworks, human should bear the brunt of years vicissitudes of life, can have a clear safe and sound, the world of mortals is so unscathed. Only ever xu glebe's old, in the misty rain more thin thin. Greengage Fried good tea, has not the taste, and also the one who wait won't come back again. Maybe, waiting for the people come back, and childhood has long tea is also fade away. Who is still searching for who?

Perhaps, can find the next moment, perhaps, that I also look for everywhere.

In the heart of every man more or less there will be a qing-mei duan, a let you entanglement time, after the time change, desire language has been replenished.

Always think about flowing through this youth, can always white smoke. Sensitive people, injured by the actions of the years, always get holes. And cool man, learn to happy-go-lucky, let yourself safe.

Time vicissitudes of life, time changes, more people and things is already much transformed, and constant, HKUE ENG is the old feelings but leave the bottom of my heart.

Line in on the safety, accumulation and dispersion are inconsistent, there will be a big month, why care about the discrete past. Always like to see, in the heart of the world of mortals fireworks blurred subway order to taste in the destiny, and there are a few people can unscathed? Safe and sound?

Time is too thin, fingers is too wide, the years always inadvertently outflow, yuhua open, time may have one thousand. Cherish the beautiful youth, not liquor to intoxicate, not love to. Sometimes, a lighter, more can improves incense, a not, more can face Dream beauty pro.

Youth can have several times during the spring and autumn, cherish the present time, let it run out, one day it will double pay. Meet with people, may be a look, looking back at once may be a passer-by, may will be a traveler, whatever the outcome, is to cherish the short moment.

To like a person, do not need too long, one has no intention of eye contact can make you blush to his ears, you have to like her.

I want to say, don't love, nuskin or forever. For happy feelings, why to entanglements. Rather than dawei, phase forget in river's lake.

A person, to cast a person of the universe. Lowers the head, is not necessarily the weak. To let go is not necessarily give up. Smile, is not necessarily happy. Silence, not have nothing to say.
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The place of full of a mountain
The eagle, to yearn for the vast sky, because there they can fly further; Stream, to yearn for the vast sea, because there is a wider stage let it ferment; And we also have their own yearning place, where has a thirst for knowledge, we have a our dreams of the future HKUE ENG.

University, that is the place where students yearning, that is the most beautiful time in life, that is the most beautiful scenery in the dream of the journey. There, and have their pure dream, is the place where the flowers in their ideal.

Look, there is not a business school in guangzhou? Fifteen years of ups and downs, how many spring, summer, autumn and winter passed, after how many frustrations, but don't forget to create one after another brilliant. From the first independent college of guangdong province, south China normal university, zengcheng college to guangdong province's first from independent college to set the ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities -- the transition of the business school in guangzhou, the improvement of campus environment, the increase of library resources and the increase of the faculty all burn our Alma mater, guangzhou business school for more than ten years to grow. Year after year, the number of students who is aspersing sweat struggle for the ideal here, then, how many students with excellent grades, full of grateful feelings away. You determined in wind and rain, affects students that indomitable heart; Look, the flags flying high above the, you don't just represent the students's ambition?

Time flies, in retrospect culturelle, how many lasting appeal. You from a deserted grassland to full of elegant flavor, is located the past beautiful teaching building, the selection of shift always amazed at it. Former muddy track, is now plastic avenue; Staggered distribution in green saplings, on both sides of the road is now great trees; Small DongHuLi flock of geese chasing, play with, flush ripples; On both sides of the trees swaying, charming gesture... Your unselfish change not only provides us with a good learning environment, more let us felt the warmth of the campus. , listen more and clear the birds on the tree, bell resounded through the entire campus, as if also grateful for your selfless, as students early in the morning hard and proud.

We are full of vitality, passion for the same direction, We are full of crazy spirit, for the same dream; We are young is full of enthusiasm, to run the same goal. We are full of youthful blood running in a belong to our dream journey, our dream like a mountain, in full bloom in your bosom.

Ups and downs of fifteen years, brilliant success never constantly, we headed for as your footsteps. At your lead bottom, staff became a mainstay of the college, they held the training to the nation pillars just belief, and with that the determination which let flowers sheng bursts, finally in fruitful, plum fragrance; At your lead bottom, students positive culturelle, the "authentic, lixin, relentlessly resourceful" school motto in mind, in the national "challenge cup", the mathematical modeling contest, the national electronic design contest... Repeated success in a variety of practical activities. When you see the podium faculty to inculcate students, students to carefully listen to teach, the audience watching the group after group of students to one's deceased father grind for further study in the direction of their own, or a graduate to find a satisfactory job become useful to our country, my dear Alma mater, would you be pleased? Only wish you had been thriving, continue to flourish, in exchange for a peach is sweet garden; I hope you the hearty spirit remains the same dream beauty pro hard sell, may you like the stars in the sky bright is dazzing forever!

The full mountain flower, bearing the weight of the dream of students, open the dreamer stage, blooming youth dream......
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Understand happiness

Happiness is like ice, wu melts away and you don't cover will be very cool.

Is wu is to let it cool Dream beauty pro, who can put through.

In any relatives friends I will sincerely treat, because I know acquaintance happened is not easy, don't want to leave regrets in in a short span of years, served in the edge of the return to meet this life, should cherish.

I like to read beautiful articles, I touched, as if, as it were, let me outpouring of emotion, feeling, Dream beauty pro or happy, or sad telepathy, I know everyone living in the world is a traveler, in the circle of life is just like a small episode.

Life is in crying, as if our lives without tears, sad will cry, happiness will easily, filled with liquid mixed with the joys and pangs of life sweet and sour.

Buddha says eight bitter life, birth, aging, disease, death, love depart Dream beauty pro, the hatred for a long time, and shall not be not put, only in the experience painful process can understand the true meaning of life, to spend the spring, autumn and leaves fell and the survival of the laws of nature, a person must see understand put down, get comfortable.

The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside, to raise and kiss the son not to, cherish family, parents don't let us regret life HKUE ENG, a life without regret medicine, friends, please be kind to close relatives.
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