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Be true to yourself
Life can live very urgent, ze intertwined, mixed scattered, but to all kinds of trivia scene, dense and tight turns with a dignified heart, leisure moment, all seemed superfluous; may have had a very indifferent day, song voiceless, a window of calm, a few pages of leisure, time is not scared, I am not disturbed electrical desk, the world such as Bodhi net, like a lotus heart open. They are like two extreme, one located on this side, the other side of a set, and we are the ferry during the helmsman, not parked in a certain state, only willing to find a good rhythm, swing oars and row. In fact, the most appropriate pace, pace than breathing, natural gas begins, follow the body and mind, the damage sperm exhausting too fast, too slow idle mind is tired intended only movement go hand in hand, rest, often can only be vulgar My life was stable and long-lasting.
Although I am not a Buddhist, but I believe things in the world are having sex by nature and Zen. It goes without saying spontaneous vegetation fragrance, light on alternating seasons, the cycle of change Diego; landscape without a word and sky, waiting for things ups and downs, marshes; complicated people, but also with Zen. In many cases, both mental and physical exhaustion, or busy, voiceless song can cleanse us all the way to the dust servant servant, a white cloud, they can slow down our breath before the line. Real quiet good, not surging desire nor seek no heart, but a calm state of mind, width and tolerance, breathing pace. If the fast pace of life, nurturing moderately slow down some, knowing only then can be, and then be able to set the static, static and then be able to install; blank if living more heart weeds spread, nurturing keep yourself busy, electrical desk moving forward, not moving the perilous carry on.
One spoke, things diverse, an idea down, Nature. Red road, we are all also go between the ups and downs of the heart also stopped, not so much to keep a good attitude, said to be eager nurturing a wandering mind, can cut in a quiet setting a good time falling behind. "Into the temple early in the morning, early sunshine high forest." Not every person into the mountains, are all ascetic Recluse, more, it is a brief escape from this world who, after all, a heart needs often wipe, square can keep bright and clean. There are some people rushed to the Buddhist temple quiet lane, but purely to raise sexual desire builds fusion of nature, understanding the Creator's pregnant with beauty. People often say, Red is the temple, is the practice in the heart, only to Chu Chen mentality lives crossing the WTO, before being comfortable. In fact, heart is at ease, keep an appropriate pace, also the simple life 'Live Flesh.
No matter what the original intention of the poet into the forest temple, his heart is calm and indifferent. The morning sun, warm not Sunburn, mixed scattered through foliage, spreading ballast on the stone steps beside the road, in the eye pupil, adjustable desk like Mincher of glass Buddha-like, shine a face in the crowd, to the maze of the people living in the light guidelines. Poet slowly meantime, marching pace of breathing, or concept green bamboo, birds chirp sound or smell, or ginseng natural mysticism, or enlightened world good luck, mental and physical has unwittingly been quiet this and other realm, ethereal gas, dyeing into pure Bodhi leaf green. If we say that the heart is clean, you can sort out complicated life, then naturally Mincher will be able to wash away the dirty life. Perhaps this is the real charm of nature, a lot of people, knowing that short trip not long, but still hesitate to choose to flee earthly fireworks.
"Penny Drive through quiet at the Buddhist temple flowers and deep." Along the verdant bamboo trail up the stairs, the poet to speak more to the Yunlin go deep, and I feel it is more comfortable, the mood has become even more distant, as if this road through the legendary paradise. After the revival of dozens of steps, the poet can not help but stopped, took a deep look at the flowers and trees in front, suddenly feeling a luminous atmosphere echoed in the limbs. Once vaguely see two or three houses located meantime, Jane net hidden Qingning pleasant, it seems that lures visitors with blending, deemed Mianyuan built in the deep horizon, really amazing, especially in respect of Health. Presumably this is his desire to visit the Buddhist temple! The envy of all the world's expert Recluse clean and indifferent, but can not do the real world outside the high dance, six clean. In fact, there are mountains of mysterious mountains, there are earthly condition earthly flavor, just a little more demure, curbing will chase a little more quiet, then curbing bustling.
"Shan Kwong Yue bird sex, Tan Ying empty hearts." Unwittingly, is Rishangsangan, green foliage in the sunlight shining full of vitality, even shuttling of birds have become increasingly active in jubilation, as the poet mood at the moment, pleasant and clear and bright. Everywhere you stare room, I saw a quiet lake crystal of spring quietly flowing, it seems to for every passing encounter with both send a Qinxin cool. Approached the pool, it is so intoxicated poet and wonder. I saw his own shadow, along with the natural world are housed in this lake of pure water, Zhan and air out. Perhaps, this is the most true to yourself, do not dip mundane fireworks, no servant of servants dust-filled, only one clear expectations of the heart, in the natural world cruising, converted to Buddhism in the landscape environment.
At this moment, the poet to speak, he is very far away from the Red, Lime close distance, near to the heart throb and without a hint of distractions. "Wan Lai this are silent, but the rest of Zhong Qing sound." Gradually, along with the sound of the natural world are also dissipated quiescence, the ethereal body and mind like unhindered into the ecstasy of the community like in meditation slowly sealing hair transplant. Only the cries and loud melodious sound Zhong Qing, echoed in my mind circling. Buddha, the heart does not move the people do not frivolous, not moving is not hurt. This has warned us, calm before the self-ning, heart to Enron. Life's long road, if the state of the world is tired of the soul, his eyes blurred by dust, nurturing compassion in Buddhism, Zen cloud water boiling pot, the Senate a Homecoming. Please be assured that, whether it is for a short to rest, or permanently moored, the Buddha of compassion will be parked out of a pure land, would you shelter.
Perhaps the poet was a scene that touched the moment, will be so indifferent disposition, or the poet of the Hermitage on the heart of Italy, life's long road has little nostalgic, so Mincher refined only wrote a poem. The mists of history to cover the truth, despite how we rode ink to pursue, to salvage only cries Zhong Qing sound only. Everyone has their own rhythm of life most suitable, with the best harbor mooring. Red in you and me, just remember, be true to yourself, timely and moving, heart will be good.
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