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Mutual help and relief in time of poverty
If, in this life, we really missed you, so, I also hope you will be happy. Let you go first, is my promise to you, as long as you happy, as long as he can than I to you, I will choose the quiet departure, from then on, do not disturb. If one day, you're tired, sad, please do not forget, when you turn around and see place, someone is always silent concern you, protect you, even if the sea, has kuwata Timothy Tong.

I know, some parting is doomed, as you like, once the wind and, finally, I had the whole world with me. Leave me alone empty, hovering between heaven and hell travel and tourism news, how also can not find, you leave.

Perhaps, this distance, is the best result. Everything back to the origin, we still stranger, just, never go back once the muddled and tenderness. Occasionally, open your space, what also don't do, no message, no comment, just want to have a look to your situation, just want to know if you all right, then, quietly leave, so repeatedly......

I don't know, this heart will love you, I do not know, the yearning, when is the head. Always told myself, do not go to think, not to think of as in the pastdata centre, every time the lost to reality. May, I put you in my heart is too heavy, you leave, almost changed my whole world, heart, empty, as if lost what, like what is not lost.

Perhaps, already accustomed to a dead-alive person life. Free in the city every day, walk, I don't know where to go, the road is long, so far so long, when we can reach your heart station.

This moment you, okay? I miss you, just miss, but dare not easily disturbed, afraid of tears, but can't help falling down. Perhaps, the days without me, you will be more satisfactory, not my nagging, you will feel a lot of quiet, will have more time to do the things you want to do......

Do not know why, mind forever is you whisper softly, not your voice, I feel the whole world is empty, even miss do not have the courage. Once, I thought I'd never get too deep, but when you turn and walk away, the stark reality tell me, everything has an end, suddenly, like being in hell, so piercing pain, so most incisive.

I think a lot of time, if I did not wake up, that this much good, at least in the dream, there is reason to greet you. Why let me alone to bear this missing the pain, alone here for you.

Perhaps, the beginning I have lost, in love this game, I seem to have never won. Always can't put those memories, always can not forget the love, because, for fear of losing again, again afraid tears flow into the river.

In your world, maybe, I was just the tip of the iceberg, not essential. But in my heart, but you occupy the entire ocean, without you, I will lose the power. Say we like people to the mouth of the fish and water, your goal, is the vast sea, and I just want to be with you, for the rest of his life, even covered all over with cuts and bruises, also want to accompany you to the last. You can, but don't stay for me for a moment, even if I speed up the pace of advance, but always can't catch up with your pace.

Remember what I said to you, no matter in the future, we get along what identity, I don't want to lose you, because, I have lost too much, even let me with the most humble way to love, as long as you can put your left, as long as it can let me know you all well, I is willing, willing to use the remaining time to wait, this poignant romance.

Now, we have got one's wish, you have your happiness, I have my guardian, two irrelevant. Perhaps, change the identity and name, we can always do annie g chan, just across, not forget, since then, no separation, will not miss.

In your life, I am just a gap of white, and my heaven, you are the only. I do not expect you to each other, I hope, in the rest of one's life I can always protect you, so, do you a lifetime of backer, even by a passer-by's identity, is enough.
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walk on the red road
The unforgettable past, warm as yesterday. The past, like a movie scene come, come. When thinking of you, you will stand on which a crossing, wait for me? By the stars chilly radiance, in time, open the doors, the past one one count, count our troubled past, staring at the love we shared!

All say love, heart. Night and cold, I think of you all the time, why don't you in memory once again the gentle embrace me, let me quiet sleep, sleep ?

A person, a city, let me a lifetime lovefemale short sleeve t-shirt.

The flowers bloom, the past such as yesterday, but miss buried in the heart. Too many words to say, do not know who to listen to? I can only wander in the dream every night, but her shoulders to listen to the wind, the rain, listening to the alternation of seasons. I don't know, you from afar, is still like yesterday? If I, by the light of the gentle, will the old hug? It is easy to see, like a dream, but missing in my heart. No one told me, what month you'll meet me; no one told me, what month renew old romance?

Autumn and winter. Yellow sky.

A cup of wine, and melancholy. A song, then tears fell all over.

I know, the leaves fall season, any more. I know, the leaves fall season, leaving many. I am not afraid of Acacia pain, only hope the dream when you meet, you clear eyes, still smile to me. Long sigh, time will dim silence. Deep love, time will pine. You know, when you say nothing at all! But the joys and sorrows, just like a dream, let you forget me not!

When love through us, I didn't pull your hand. Like a song, sing it, love your dream in another universe be flung to the four winds, love is like a beautiful fireworks, can only dream of opening moments.
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Peach flowers flowing
A Gold Maple Leaf, gently fall autumn waist. The wind lived dust, eye is on the move, you in the edge of season comes, lightly she smile, a gentle tenderness eyebrow, a season of Acacia; calls low, light Zhan my long lost hope去眼袋方法.

Years such as hook, when dark change, the door of memory, always through the four seasons echo, enchanting dream outside the dream landscape. Finger lit warmth, Fangfei shallow pen ink in croon. A marital attachmenthair loss treatment, lead who wait, in the water side?

[sansei stone, you are my five hundred years of margin]

People said, the past five hundred years of looking back, a shoulder rub only in exchange for this life. I don't know, you are my good friend, hundreds of years of back or shoulder rub? Fate, in the imperceptibly; love, in silence.

That month, you carry half a roll of poetry in my eyes, I am a vigor into your heart; that daysmartone, you go all the way to my dream, a small umbrella Dimei smiling face. From then on, spring for the league, landscape as a mirror, you walked into my world, I entered your picture, love, cherish together.

In the most beautiful time, meet a go, at the right time, met the edge of previous life, this is how happy and lucky? Dreams long, only a gorgeous flowers; love a smile, only to wait until the man his life to wait. Meet still, known as a mirror, from then on, the remotest corners of the globe, Banjun line, only margins are gentleman a review, make me think Jun Chao and sunset.

[mortal procumbens, you are my scenery] with a smile

At a small bridges, thinking a night of love, and made a pot of water to embrace, Yin que tenderness deep species. Spring is beautiful, we looked at; Xia Yu whisper, is our heart beating; the red maple, write full we handle my happiness; Dongxue durian, echoed we never abandon hope. Two hearts, a period of love, bit by bit, twitter most true emotions.

Because to understand, so no regrets; because love, so no separation. Even those mountains in the distance, resistance continued soul be raging like a storm; various difficulties and hardships, put out the immortal beloved souls.

Standing in the world of mortals ferry, listen to your heart, who call who wet the eyes? Who deep soft whose intestines? Hold a pen incense rubbed into the twitter, for you, appreciate the increasingly wide eventually not regret the persistent; Ju Yipeng starlight night linger, for you have sailed the seven seas, bright water's sincerity. Mortal procumbens, you are my scenery with a smile, a city of poetry, half curtain dream, this life, would like to have a heart, without any deviation.
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