I miss you so much
After years of WeiyangLocal Courier, looking back at the depths of red dust, walk you through the road, but you enjoy the scenery, that you said words, very restless heart again remind of you. Pick up the screen like a magnifying glass in my mind in slow close-up shots of amplificationCCIBA, let I frowned and have to recall the old scenes, once again feel the pain. Holding a pen but don't know how to describe, and then look back, fell dejected.

Always remember that the window, in the red maple season inadvertently say, that we are all happy to stop, is your care. I said, a little window I wait, watch me, when alternating, only in this watch your backMen clothing hong kong.

Always remember that trail into the red maple season inadvertently, ten clasp. The look in the eyes is endless tenderness, dyed a maple fire, light language those holding hands, those with a smile of hope, as the night and day of each main and collateral channels overgrowth.

Always in the red maple world reminds me of you, as if each leaf into a story, written us bit by bit of tenderness, elaborated our best hope, Miss wandering days, miss you day and night, you read every word and action, all of them are stored in the maple as my mind the classic red.

Hand in hand in the deepest in the world, I don't know what kind of margin and copies, the limit, I deeply love calling you, the angle of the sea, to the tenderness you to respond to my. Mo red, love at first sight, let, sansei stone, hue tenderness associated; be immersed in love, love a drunk fleeting. Drunk just know wine too thick, love to know love, waiting for a dear friend accompanies dream, then one never forget.

The long corridor, suddenly rushed into the endless darkness, missing in the dark flooding disaster, so that each sobs became sad sigh. I thought I would be in the quiet night not sad not happy, think they can hide in the corner there snub sb. But the reality is not I think so, I could not suppress the roaring waves in the heart of Miss, can't stop thinking of the mind that little by little, grief filled my chest, at this time, full of mind in addition to think you still think you!

Remember in the emotional heart ache extrusion day, love is not the strong only recall the various difficulties and hardships, not the hot sun fearless passion, but remember you, remember that I love most. We always think, in the dim moonlight, the quiet flowers accompanied by you, is still you as in the past is like a shadow, never abandon. No need to hand in hand, similar to the old!

If you well, is sunny I. A miss, passage; a sink, imprint is engraved on my heart. Pick up a piece of Acacia, holding a meet, danyuanrenchangjiu, thousand miles of lovely.

The red maple leaf, want you in the remotest corners of the globe, take a piece of Acacia, confused over time, through the heart of the thousand thousand turn back, will become the most beautiful "flowers"!
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Get a new name

A school board in Florida decided to rename a high school honoring a Confederate general who became wealthy as a slave trader and was linked to the KKK.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — A north Florida school board has voted unanimously to change the name of a local high school honoring a Confederate general who made a fortune as a slave trader and was linked to the Ku Klux Klan.

"It's time to move forward with the renaming of Nathan B. Forrest High. ... It's time to really put it to bed," said school board member Constance Hall, who asked the board to finally begin the process of changing the name.

Hall and the board's other African American member were joined in the 7-0 vote by four whites and a Hispanic member in voting to change the name.

Four Jacksonville schools are named after Confederate heroes, including Robert E. Lee High School, as well as the city's downtown square.

The school's name was chosen in 1959 at the suggestion of the Daughters of the Confederacy as the group readied for the 100th anniversary of Florida joining the Confederacy, at the start of the Civil War that pitted the pro-slavery southern states against President Abraham Lincoln and the Union army.

Changing the name of Nathan B. Forrest High School has come up several times. In 2008, the vote to keep the name broke along racial lines with two black members voting to change the name and five white board members voting against.

This time, a Jacksonville parent, Omotayo Richmond, took up the cause on social media with a change.org petition signed by more than 176,000 people, generating widespread media coverage and support from civil rights groups.

"Now is the time to right a historical wrong. African-American Jacksonville students shouldn't have to attend a high school named for someone who slaughtered and terrorized their ancestors for one more school year," Richmond wrote in his petition appeal.

Forrest made a fortune as a slave trader in Tennessee before joining the Confederacy. Troops under his command massacred more than 400 Union soldiers who surrendered at Fort Pillow, Tenn. A congressional inquiry in 1871 looked into Forrest's association with the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan.

The school's future name now lies in the hands of the Duval County Superintendent of Schools, Nikolai Vitti, due to report to the school board in December or January with a recommendation on changing the name, as well as present possible alternatives.

Forrest's defenders call the effort to change the name part of a wider move to erase all remnants of the Confederacy. They say slavery was legal in Forrest's day and he was pardoned for his part in the war, and that at the end of his life his views on blacks changed and he supported black suffrage and freedom.

"Where will this ever end?" Bodie Catlin, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, asked the school board, raising his hands in the air for emphasis.

"If you all go along with this, believe me, they are going to go after every Confederate general name in Jacksonville," he told the school board. "It's not going to stop there. There are people who want to change the name of Jacksonville," he added, noting that Andrew Jackson owned slaves and led the slaughter of Seminole Indians.

Other schools named for Confederate heroes in Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana and Alabama have taken steps toward renaming. In February, the Memphis City Council renamed three downtown parks to remove the Confederate association, including Nathan B. Forrest Park where the general is buried.
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This life is from
You are my yearn day and night NIB allure of woman, in the misty rain in Jiangnan achievement in my life the most beautiful, your elegant three thousand hair temper my busy life. There was a love of the city, the Qin and the full spectrum as the immortal legend g-suite cardinal manchester. Since then, the great stone, this life is from.

That year, violet bloom, a bundle of hair dressed in red; a paper umbrella a clove, separated by a curtain of rain in Jiangnan, ink with a poem, play water plaza. A Su Yi Qing Yan, with sad woman, light in my city. Three thousand hair, some ink into our eyes, I smile, reflecting your smile smile. Eyebrow eye Wan ran, elegant quiet, I innumerable twists and turns, filled with soft initial charm.

You walked into my heart with a hold. Since then, my world flowers, beautiful flowers, you are the most beautiful one. At the right time, I met the most keep dreaming. The whole life, just for this gorgeous flowers; for the world, only to cherish a always melancholy and moody you; splash ink brush, just want to put all the love are written into the fleeting time. The locked g-suite in oldham, only margins are a review of Iraq; smiling, life will not lovesickness; never forget, if you do not leave, I will in life and death.

At a small bridges, smell a smoky miss. Because to understand, so gentle a meet together, the trials of a long journey, through the seasons, through the wind snow and rain, beautiful strange flowers, also the fragrance of the fingertip fleeting. Listen to the flowers bloom, a lake of autumn, a wisp of hair to meet and amazing time. Jiangnan picturesque, misty rain Zhan fragrance, a pen to outline the deep affection, inkstone ink window, try to write the love song. I sigh into the red, into the lingering, my past life for thousands of years practicing income, will wish to obtain this world.

In the world of dreams, hope the other side, watching the days go by, far-off regions difficult to partition every morning and evening love; let the wind snow and rain is also difficult to block the stupid looking eyes. Spend the time, life is based on affection, this hate is not the wind and the moon, for as much as affectionate way, with the situation dependent g-suite cardinal. The dream of love, every moment, tilt to one heart people; and without any deviation. Waiting for you, I wish the same; love you, this life is my dream. The wind sighed, rain lingering, the word love entangles the heart, the heart knot, defend, sea, only for the stone carving of Acacia, the past and present.
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