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Asparagus can also ease the pain in the joints and which people should not eat asparagus

Asparagus can also ease the pain in the joints and which people should not eat asparagus

Asparagus is a kind of food that people can often see on the table. It is rich in nutrition, as well as various functions. It can nourishing Yin, blood, phlegm, food and so on. In addition, asparagus can also help alleviate some of the common diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

Asparagus can help alleviate some diseases

1, anticancer

Asparagus anti-cancer properties is due to a substance called selenium, this kind of material can inhibit the growth of cancer cells divide, also can stimulate the activation cell has very good anti-cancer effect, test of asparagus juice on lung adenocarcinoma in mice and human nasopharyngeal carcinoma, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer cells have obvious cytotoxic effect, and the immune adjustment.

Cardiovascular disease

Asparagus also contains rutin ingredients which are not found in other ingredients, which can help us lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels, which is very suitable for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension.

3. Kidney disease

Asparagus can also relieve kidney disease treatment, very good curative effect for patients with kidney stones, this is because the asparagus contains asparagine is a kind of effective kidneys cleaner, have the function of the removal of kidney stones, often eat asparagus can also be used as a kidney detoxification effect, to stimulate the detoxification speed has a lot to help improve the ability of kidneys Buying the right kind of vape tank, you can prevent your E-juice from leaking out! - the shortest horror story you want to face ever.It must have a metal seal and a fully ceramic body to stop oxidation or leakage.


4. Arthritis

Asparagus for acidic friend is a kind of health care effect is very good food, this is because the asparagus is a kind of alkaline food, reason often feed adjustable acid base balance, acid product to avoid and reduce the harm to the body; The long-term consumption of asparagus in patients with joint pain can effectively alleviate the pain caused by joint inflammation.

Asparagus is not suitable for people

Although the benefits of asparagus are many, and not all people are suitable for eating asparagus, who are not suitable for eating asparagus?

1. Asparagus contains insoluble oxalic acid, oxalic acid is easy to combine with calcium to become calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate is very bad for patients with urethral system and kidney stones. Therefore, people with urethral calculus and kidney stones should not eat more.

2, asparagus, gan of cold, and contain more crude fiber, has a serious disease of the stomach and duodenum ulcer, gastric hemorrhage, liver cirrhosis, esophagus varicosity, patients with chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, avoiding cold sex, difficult digest, so unfavorable eat asparagus, so as not to eat after aggravating illness.

3. The asparagus is cold and astringent, and those who suffer from the weakness of the spleen and stomach, or the women after giving birth, and those who have recurrent asthma due to eating bamboo shoots, do not eat asparagus. In addition, the asparagus can also help to get the sore, so anyone who has a carbuncle is not to eat asparagus.

4. Children in the developing period are immature. The oxalic acid contained in asparagus can affect the absorption and utilization of calcium and zinc, such as excessive eating of bamboo shoots, can make the children lack calcium easy to develop the soft bone disease, and zinc deficiency can cause the growth and development slowly. Therefore, 15 should not eat more bamboo shoots.

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The acquisition suggests
A new filing confirms that there were other suitors trying to buy Whole Foods, but that Amazon put pressure on Whole Foods not to talk to them entrepreneurship educationThe entrepreneurship development programmes of PolyU develop our young people to be tomorrow's leaders, by offering different forms of out-of-classroom entrepreneurship education and practice to nurture our young people’s innovative and entrepreneurial potentials.


The document cites a “Company X” that expressed interest in having exploratory conversations in mid-April, but did not make a formal offer. Reuters has identified that company as Albertsons groceries.

Over the next two weeks, four private equity firms indicated they were inclined to discuss a leveraged buyout or investment in Whole Foods.

In that same time frame, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey discussed a media report that suggested Amazon once had considered acquiring them. He asked an outside consultant to make a phone call to introduce the two parties hong kong preschool kowloon tong-Homantin offers both trilingual and bilingual classes for children under the age of 2 years, and up to the age of 6. We are an IB World school implementing the IB Primary Years Programme and the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. We believe in providing our future generations with a high quality, balanced, and holistic educational experience.


After conversations with Peter Krawiec, Amazon.com’s vice president of Worldwide Corporate Development, the companies wound up signing a non-disclosure agreement and met in Seattle on April 30. They discussed strategic possibilities, but an offer wasn’t made.

Whole Foods reached out to Albertsons to schedule a meeting but remained in contact with Amazon. They also received an inquiry from undisclosed “Company Y.”

Amazon met with Albertsons on May 18. They told Whole Foods that a possible acquisition would value the company between $35 and $40 per share. Later that day they had a conversation with “Company Y,” but did not discuss an offer.

By May 23, Amazon made an offer for $41 per share to buy Whole Foods. In the letter, it said they “reserved the right to terminate discussions if there was any leak or rumor of its interest in acquiring the company.”

Because of this, Whole Foods decided not to pursue talks with private equity firms, afraid that there would be possible reports in the media. They went back to Amazon asking for $45 per share. Amazon countered with $42 per share and said it was their “best and final offer.” They also said they expected Whole Foods not to discuss options with other bidders oil vaporizer Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading Oil Vaping Pen and vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA, ...


On June 1, Whole Foods told Amazon they agreed to the deal and the due diligence process was underway. The transaction documents were completed by June 15 and the merger was announced June 16.

The acquisition took many people by surprise, not only because a tech company was buying a grocery chain, but also because Amazon traditionally made smaller deals.

The $13.7 billion deal was the first time Amazon even made a purchase over $1 billion. Amazon’s $970 million purchase of Twitch was their largest previous deal.

The acquisition suggests that Amazon is committed to building out its grocery business. They had already been making deliveries through Amazon Fresh and had begun introducing brick-and-mortar stores. There are undoubtedly synergies between these efforts and Whole Foods.

But while the deal has been announced, it has not yet closed. Pending regulatory approval, the deal will be completed later this year.
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How else could you
In many of his dealings Roane was doubtless an unprincipled knave; but certain points of character were so impressed upon his nature, through inheritance from generations of more noble Consinors, that in matters of chivalry his honor could not be successfully challenged you beauty hard sell.

The dragoman said nothing to Kāra about Winston’s frequent visits to Aneth. During his hours of watching Tadros indulged in reflection, and these musings encouraged a growing resentment toward his master that destroyed much of his value as a confidential servant. Aside from the resentment, Tadros was afraid of Kāra, and also uneasy as to his financial condition. The prince, who was accustomed to scatter money with a liberal hand, had of late refrained from exhibiting a single piastre. Tadros wondered, and grew suspicious. One evening, as he reported to Kāra, he said groom suit rental:

The tradesmen are clamoring for their money. They say you are not paying them as promptly as you did heretofore.”

Kāra looked up with surprise.

Is not my credit good?” he inquired.{206}

For the present, yes,” replied the dragoman; but it will not remain good unless you begin to pay for all the magnificence you are putting into this villa.”

I see,” said Kāra, nodding thoughtfully. They are fools, my Tadros, but they might become troublesome. Keep them satisfied with promises for a time longer. That should not be a difficult task

Tadros looked at him distrustfully.

Tell me, my prince; have you spent all your treasure?” he asked.

The Egyptian smiled.

If I should live a thousand years, my Tadros,” he returned, I could not spend the half of it.”

Then why do you not pay these merchants?”

Because I have at this time no more money in the bank, and it is not convenient for me to leave Cairo just now to secure a further supply.”

Oh, I see!” remarked the dragoman, heaving a sigh of relief. You must make another trip to Fedah.”

Kāra gave him one of those intent, thoughtful looks that always made Tadros uneasy; but when he spoke his voice sounded soft and pleasant.

What causes you to think my treasure is at Fedah, my good friend?” he asked.

The tone reassured the dragoman.

It stands to reason, my prince, that it is there,” he answered, with frank indifference. Do I not well remember first seeing the papyri in your house, and{207} afterward carrying away from there the heavy traveling case that was filled with precious gems?”

Ah! was it?”

Of course, Kāra. How else could you give so many ancient gems to the Van der Veens to recut, or turn so many more into money by selling them to Andalaft, the jeweler?”

You have been observant, my Tadros.”

It is natural. I am no fool. But if, as you say, there is more treasure at Fedah, I will undertake to keep the rascally tradesmen quiet until you can make another deposit in the bank.”
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twenty years and been
Five supernumeraries were allowed to be carried, of whom two were to be allowed to walk the quarterdeck company formation hk . No commander was allowed to increase the232 number of midshipmen under pain of being suspended for three years. This was to prevent him from taking a raw young officer out of consideration for a monetary reward. In order to act as a safeguard, if any person borne on the ship’s books as part of her complement were discharged in India, China or St Helena without permission of the Company, or if the commander were to act in collusion and allow him to quit his vessel, the commander was liable to a fine of £300. Nor could he bring home or carry out any passenger or person without the directors’ leave water sports .

Owing to the fact that the men out of these East Indiamen were so frequently pressed into the British men-of-war whilst in the East, it was often enough necessary to ship a lot of lascars in order to get the vessel home at all. But these feeble-bodied men were accustomed only to voyages of short duration, and that in the fine weather season. They could not bear the cold, neither were they dependable when the East Indiaman had to defend herself against a privateer, pirate or enemy’s warship. Ignorant of the English language, they were not easy to handle. It was always reckoned that eighty or ninety of them were not quite the equal of fifty British seamen, and for every hundred of them employed four British seamen must be also. It was the India-built ships which were manned almost exclusively by these lascars, and a new problem arose, for these fellows used to remain behind in England, where their condition became piteous. There was an obligation that these lascars were always to be sent back to India, but in practice many of them are turned off in London, where they beg and perish.” So wrote233 Macpherson in 1812. The appearance of these miserable creatures,” he remarked, in the streets of London frequently excites the indignation of passengers against the Company, who, they suppose, bring them to this country and leave them destitute,” whereas, in reality, these Easterns actually preferred to sink into degradation in our land rather than return to their own. Many of them never reached England, or, if they did, died on the return voyage: for the bad weather off the Cape of Good Hope and the rigours of the English climate caused considerable sickness and death.

English gentlemen who had been for some years under the Company in India, either in a civil or military capacity, were often wont to bring black servants home with them, and after these servants had been some time in England they were discharged. The result was that, under the terms of their obligation, the Company were put to great expense in sending them back to their native country stainless protank 4 . It was with a view to protecting themselves from this possibility that the Company used to cause the master of such a servant to take a bond in India as security for the cost of returning these coloured people, these bonds being sent to the commander of the ship in which the master and his servant was travelling to England. Otherwise, the commander was ordered by the Company to refuse to have the black man on board.

Before an officer could become commander of one of the Company’s ships it was necessary that he should be twenty-five years old and have performed a voyage to and from India or China in the Company’s regular service as chief or second mate, or234 else have commanded a ship in the extra service. A chief mate had to be twenty-three years old, have voyaged to India or China in the Company’s service as second or third mate. A second mate had to be twenty-two years old and have made a similar voyage as third mate. To become a third mate he had to be aged twenty-one and been two voyages in the Company’s service to and from India or China. A fourth mate had to be twenty years old and been one voyage of not less than twenty months to India or China and back in the Company’s service, and one year in actual service in any other employ, and of the latter he had to produce satisfactory certificates.

In the case of the extra ships the commander had to be twenty-three years old at least, have made three voyages to India or China and back in the Company’s service, one of which must have been as chief or second mate in a regular ship, or as chief mate in an extra ship. The chief mate must be at least twenty-two, and have made two of these voyages as officer in the Company’s regular service. The second mate had to be at least twenty-one and have performed two voyages as officer in the Company’s service to India or China and back. The third mate must be twenty years and been one voyage in the Company’s service, or two voyages as midshipman in the extra service.

It would not be untrue to say that officers of the early part of the nineteenth century in this service were excellent seamen and fair navigators, but many of them would not be sufficiently expert in navigation nowadays to have entrusted to them the work and responsibilities commensurate with those with235 which they were charged. It was in the year 1804 that the Company issued the following regulation:—
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it was generally agreed
Were all this true, the outlook for Dick’s affairs was bad. His company, thanks to the influence of the Marquis de la Torre, had obtained a concession from President Veintemilla, This would not be worth the paper it was written on if Garcia proved victorious. Super-active by nature Conventions in Hong Kong , the young engineer could not endure the thought of the long months of enforced idleness before him until the revolution had been settled in one way or another.

As he came into the Calle de Lima, Dick pulled out his watch. He found that he still had a few minutes to spare. Much as she loved him, Maria-Teresa did not like being interrupted at her work, so he turned into the Circulo de los Amigos de las Artes for a drink. This establishment, though baptized a club, was in reality a huge café and reading-room. The ground floor was packed with people discussing the latest events. Cuzco was in every mouth, and it was noticeable that Veintemilla’s warmest partizans now had a good word to say for Garcia.

A stampede of shock-headed newsboys, shouting the latest edition of an official paper, tore past the café, scattering still wet sheets and collecting coppers. One of the customers climRed onto a table and read out a proclamation by the President, urging calm and giving a categorical denial to the report of the capture of Cuzco. General Garcia and his troops, the President announced, were bottled up in Arequipa, all the sierra defiles were in the hands of Government troops, and the traitors would be hurled into the sea or chased into the great sand deserts. The proclamation concluded with a reference to Indian troubles in the suburbs, attributing them to the usual Interaymi effervescence, and dismissing them as negligible. Cheers for the President ended the reading of his manifesto. Wavering allegiances were at once restored, and it was generally agreed that his statement was superb dermes


Dick left the café a little happier, though he did not really place a great deal of faith in the official denial. Night had fallen and he walked briskly, now fearing that he might be late. As he went, he remembered his first day’s walk through this same labyrinth of narrow streets. Then he caught sight of his fiancée’s verandah in the distance, and noticed that the window was open, as on the first day.
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very rock in which the little
The Ogre had seven daughters who were still in their infancy. These little Ogresses had the most beautiful complexions, in consequence of their eating raw flesh like their father; but they had very small, round, grey eyes regorafenib , hooked noses, and very large mouths, with long teeth, exceedingly sharp, and wide apart. They were not very vicious as yet; but they promised fairly to be so, for they already began to bite little children, in order to suck their blood. They had been sent to bed early, and were all seven in a large bed, having each a crown of gold on her head. In the same room was another bed of the same size. It was in this bed that the Ogre's wife put the seven little boys to sleep, after which she went to sleep with her husband.

Little Thumbling, who had remarked that the Ogre's daughters had golden crowns on their heads, and who feared that the Ogre might regret that he had not killed him and his brothers that evening, got up in the middle of the night, and, taking off his own nightcap and those of his brothers, went very softly and placed them on the heads of the Ogre's seven daughters, after having taken off their golden crowns, which he put on his brothers and himself, in order that the Ogre might mistake them for his daughters, and his daughters for the boys whose throats he longed to cut regorafenib.

Matters turned out exactly as he anticipated, for the Ogre awaking at midnight, regretted having deferred till the morning what he might have done the evening before. He therefore jumped suddenly out of bed, and seizing his great knife, "Let us go," said he, "and see how our young rogues are by this time; we won't make two bites at a cherry." Therewith he stole on tiptoes up to his daughters' bed-room, and approached the bed in which lay the little boys, who were all asleep except Thumbling, who was dreadfully frightened when the Ogre placed his hand upon his head to feel it, as he had in turn felt those of all his brothers.

The Ogre, who felt the golden crowns, said, "Truly, I was about to do a pretty job! It's clear I must have drunk too [Pg 41] much last night." He then went to the bed where his daughters slept, and having felt the little nightcaps that belonged to the boys. "Aha!" cried he. "Here are our young wags! Let us to work boldly!" So saying, he cut without hesitation the throats of his seven daughters. Well satisfied with this exploit, he returned and stretched himself beside his wife. As soon as Little Thumbling heard the Ogre snoring, he woke his brothers, and bade them dress themselves quickly and follow him. They went down softly into the garden and jumped over the wall. They ran nearly all night long, trembling all the way, and not knowing whither they were going serviced apartments in hong kong


The Ogre, awaking in the morning, said to his wife, "Get thee up stairs and dress the little rogues you took in last night." The Ogress was astonished at the kindness of her husband, never suspecting the sort of dressing he meant her to give them, and fancying he ordered her to go and put on their clothes; she went up stairs, where she was greatly surprised to find her daughters murdered and swimming in their blood. The first thing she did was to faint (for it is the first thing that almost all women do in similar circumstances). The Ogre, fearing that his wife would be too long about the job he had given her to do, went upstairs to help her. He was not less surprised than his wife, when he beheld this frightful spectacle. "Hah! what have I done?" he exclaimed. "The wretches shall pay for it, and instantly!" He then threw a jugfull of water in his wife's face, and having brought her to, said, "Quick! give me my seven-league boots, that I may go and catch them." He set out, and after running in every direction, came at last upon the track of the poor children, who were not more than a hundred yards from their father's house. They saw the Ogre striding from hill to hill, and who stepped over rivers as easily as if they were the smallest brooks. Little Thumbling, who perceived a hollow rock close by where they were, hid his brothers in it, and crept in after them, watching all the while the progress of the Ogre. The Ogre, feeling very tired with his long journey to no purpose (for seven-league boots are very fatiguing to the wearer), was inclined to rest, and by chance sat down on the very rock in which the little boys had concealed themselves. As he was quite worn out, he had not rested long before he fell asleep, [Pg 42] and began to snore so dreadfully that the poor children were not less frightened than they were when he took up the great knife to cut their throats.
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were hunting the countryside
As soon as Larry had seen the cars return, he collected three of his best men, commandeered a car in the name of the I.R.A.—at this time in many parts of Ireland a harmless citizen stood an excellent chance of having his car taken by the military on a Monday, by the police on Tuesday reenex , by the Auxiliaries on Wednesday, and by the I.R.A. for the rest of the week—and drove straight to the Cloonalla district, through which he knew that Blake would have to pass the next day on his way to the nearest military barracks. They took shovels with them, and soon had the trench across the road filled in, and made their way to the house of a local Volunteer reenex facial .

That night Larry worked like a man possessed, and by daybreak had an ambuscade prepared for Blake at a point where the road, following the shore of a large lake, runs under an overhanging rock, and then turns sharp to the west. Beyond the bend they cut the usual trench, and above on the rock erected loop-holed walls of stone and sods, and here they 52waited, armed with every shot-gun, pistol, and home-made bomb which the district could produce.

That night Blake spent an anxious time in his small barrack-room, his ears straining for the sound of the first shot of the expected attack, and his brain striving to work out the problem of how to get the arms into safe keeping. After a time he tried to attend to some routine work, but soon gave it up as hopeless.

Leaning back in his chair he lit a cigarette. At that moment his eye was arrested by a large photograph of the notorious John O’Hara over the fireplace, and he began to think of how the man had tricked him by getting away by sea, while the police were hunting the countryside for him. From O’Hara’s photograph his eye wandered to a brightly-printed card hanging on the wall, with a drawing of a steamer on the top summer internship

For some time he read the letterpress of the card without having any idea of what it meant; then in a flash he realised that the problem was solved. At high tide the next morning the s.s. Cockatoo would sail from the port of Ballybor for Liverpool, and if O’Hara had tricked him by the sea, then he could trick Larry O’Halloran by the same means.
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though both had been camping before
Hold on a minute, boys,” cried Ralph, half laughingly, for Persimmons’ odd way of talking and explosive exclamations made everyone who knew him smile. Hold on; listen to what happened.”

The eldest member of the group, a tall and angular, but withal good-natured and kindly looking man with a pair of shell-rimmed spectacles perched across his bony nose, now struck in.

Yes, boys; let us hear what Ralph has been up to now. I declare, since our experience along the Border I’m prepared for anything international development research centre .”

Even what may befall us in the Canadian Rockies, eh, Professor Wintergreen?” asked Ralph. Well, that lad yonder, if I’m not much[15] mistaken, is our future deputy cook, bottlewasher, and midshipmate.”

They all stared at him. Persimmons was the first to recover his voice USRN .

Giggling gophers,” he gasped, as if Hardware hadn’t brought along enough patent dingbats without your adding a live one to the collection!”
Vacation time had rolled around once more at Stonefell College, which accounts for our finding Professor Wintergreen, Ralph Stetson, and the latter’s chums at this isolated spot in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Readers of former volumes of this series will at once recall the eccentric professor and his young companion Ralph. Harry Ware and Percy Simmons, however USRN , we have not met before. Jack Merrill and Walt Phelps, the two young ranchmen who shared Ralph’s adventure on the Mexican border, could not be with him on the present vacation, both boys being required at their western homes.

So it had come about that when Professor Wintergreen received a commission to hunt specimens in the Canadian Rockies, Ralph jumped at[17] the chance to accompany him. His father, the railroad magnate, and Ralph’s mother had planned a trip to Europe, but the boy, being given the choice of the Rocky Mountain expedition or the trip across the Atlantic, had, with his characteristic love of adventure, chosen the former without hesitation. His mother grieved rather over this, but his father approved. King-pin Stetson,” as Wall Street knew the dignified railroad magnate
, approved of boys roughing it. He had seen how much good Ralph’s western experiences had done the boy. His shoulders had broadened, his muscles hardened, and his eyes grown brighter during his strenuous times along the border. Not less noteworthy had been his mental broadening. From an indolent attitude toward studies, a condition caused, perhaps, by his former rather delicate health, Ralph’s appetite for learning had become as robust as the rest of him.

There is no space here to detail all that had[18] happened during Ralph’s vacation on the Mexican border. But briefly, as told in The Border Boys on the Trail,” it included the exciting experiences attendant upon the capture of his chums and himself by a border bandit, and their sharing many perils and adventures on both sides of the frontier. In the second volume, called The Border Boys Across the Frontier,” the boys discovered the Haunted Mesa, and stumbled by the merest accident upon a subterranean river. The finding of this latter plunged them into a series of accidents and thrilling adventures, exciting beyond their wildest dreams. It is no laughing matter to be captured and suspected as spies by Mexican revolutionists, as the boys found out. But they managed to stop the smuggling of arms across the Border, as readers of that volume know.

The Border Boys with the Mexican Rangers” showed how courage and skill may be more than a match for villainy and duplicity. With the[19] Rurales” the boys lived a life brimming to the full with the sort of experiences they had grown to love. The finding of a hidden mine, too, enriched them all and gave each lad an independent bank account of no mean dimension. The following book, which was entitled The Border Boys with the Texas Rangers,” found the three lads sharing the perils and hardships of the body that has done so much to keep law and order in a much vexed region. Brave, resourceful, and skillful, as their former experiences had trained them to be, the boys found full scope for all their faculties with the Rangers. A band of cattle thieves made trouble for them, and Jack Merrill’s climb out of the Hidden Valley furnished the most thrilling experience of his life.

Dearly would Ralph have loved to share with his former companions the exciting times which he was sure lay ahead of him in the Canadian Rockies. But it was not to be, and so, when young Ware and Percy Simmons both begged to[20] be let off” from Bar Harbor and Newport, Professor Wintergreen had, on their parents’ request, decided to allow them to come along. The professor’s interests in the Canadian Rockies were purely scientific. His duty was to collect specimens of minerals, and also of animal life, for one of the best known scientific bodies in the east. Ralph, with his knowledge of hunting and woodcraft, was to be relied upon as a valuable aide. Young Ware and Percy Simmons were more or less Tenderfeet, though both had been camping before.

When Ralph had finished relating Jimmie’s story to the others, the professor said:

I’ll talk to the lad myself. If he proves all that he appears to be from your description, Ralph, we might manage to use him. A boy willing to make himself useful around camp might come in handy.”
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which we have enjoyed
When the traveler pauses on the plain of Marathon, what are the emotions which most strongly agitate his breast? What is that glorious recollection which thrills through his frame and suffuses his eyes? Not apartments for rent
, I imagine, that Grecian skill and Grecian valor were here most signally displayed, but that Greece herself was here displayed. It is because to this spot, and to the event which has rendered it immortal, he refers all the succeeding glories of the republic. It is because, if that day had gone otherwise, Greece had perished. It is because he perceives that her philosophers and orators, her poets and painters, her sculptors and architects, her government and free institutions, point backward to Marathon, and that their future existence seems to have been suspended on the contingency whether the Persian or the Grecian banner should wave victorious in the beams of that day’s setting sun. And, as his imagination kindles at the retrospect, he is transported back to the interesting moment, he counts the fearful odds of the contending hosts
, his interest for the result overwhelms him, he trembles as if it were still uncertain, and grows to doubt whether he may consider Socrates and Plato, Demosthenes, Sophocles and Phidias, as secure yet to himself and the world.

‘If God prosper us,’ might have been the appropriate language of our fathers when they landed upon this Rock. If God prosper us, we shall begin a work which shall last for ages; we shall plant here a new society in the principles of the fullest liberty and the purest religion; we shall fill this region of the great continent, which stretches almost from pole to pole, with civilization and Christianity; the temples of the true God shall rise, where now ascends the smoke of idolatrous sacrifice VPET
; fields and gardens, the flowers of summer and the waving and golden harvest of autumn shall extend over a thousand hills and stretch along a thousand valleys never yet, since the creation, reclaimed to the use of civilized man.

We shall whiten this coast with the canvas of a prosperous commerce; we shall stud the long and winding shore with a hundred cities. That which we sow in weakness shall be raised in strength. From our sincere but houseless worship there shall spring splendid temples to record God’s goodness, and from the simplicity of our social unions there shall arise wise and politic constitutions of government, full of the liberty which we ourselves bring and breathe; from our zeal for learning institutions shall spring which shall scatter the light of knowledge throughout the land, and, in time, paying back where they have borrowed, shall contribute their part to the great aggregate of human knowledge; and our descendants through all generations shall look back to this spot, and to this hour, with unabated affection and regard.”

I close with the solemn and impressive peroration in which the orator addresses those who are to come after him.

Advance then, ye future generations! We would hail you as you rise in your long succession to fill the places which we now fill, and to taste the blessings of existence where we are passing, and soon shall have passed, our own human duration. We bid you welcome to this pleasant land of the fathers. We bid you welcome to the healthful skies and the verdant fields of New England. We greet your accession to the great inheritance which we have enjoyed. We welcome you to the blessings of good government and religious liberty. We welcome you to the treasures of science and the delights of learning. We welcome you to the transcendent sweets of domestic life, to the happiness of kindred and parents and children. We welcome you to the immeasurable blessings of rational existence, the immortal hope of Christianity, and the light of everlasting truth!”
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It was a good space
It was a good space

続きを読む ...
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