From heart to life, with words long
unaware can change a person's behavior. The ancient charm of the beautiful language for a long time, the words will feel the writing, there is always a little sentimentality in the heart. Life has been written for a long time, too deep insight, people always speak according to reason, unavoidably too rigid, no fun. Life is a real life, the joys and sorrows always happen, vent or self-intoxication, too much involvement, you will lose yourself. Therefore, habits, sometimes can be sublimated, sometimes will become addicted, therefore, everything a "degree" is very important, is a person, we must learn to reason, reflection and control. However, people are inherently emotional and spiritual, when depressed or exciting, to write a complaint, like a season of grape wine, from the beginning kneading, fermentation, sour and lush. After storage, after next year's excavation, experienced the sun and moon deep wine, its natural delicious and steady taste, the entrance of glycol, intoxicating. Because, once paid, all is done by heart. Experience comes from contact, experience comes from life, nature is the most true, at will the best, inspiration sealed, Xie ink hanging pen, just to leave a casual heart in the mountains and valleys. Secular confusion, more horses, more Bole, but a piece of paper effort, the temptation of a boo whistle, in the end the clouds become clouds, weightlessness is inevitable, pain, only themselves know. Between choices, gently, slowly, comfortably put down the rest, let the years discharge, mind charging. Sometimes know, is the truth, is it is to understand, all the way, what is the value? What is the meaning? Sometimes the face of prosperity inevitably confused, in the face of a tonic, a meal of laxative invitation, not dizzy or death. Awakening, is afraid of losing the road, back to the shore, the real life is a five-line score, self-play, self-knowledge, steal carefree, why not? In order to be busy with the real value, it is the king's way to play music in pots and pans, pull out Italian swords, put on animal armor, and dance once more. Think, why are you coming? Who comes for you? Who works for you? Who stayed up for you? Who tears for you? Who are you supposed to go for? Who should make a bow for whom? A habit, unloading grinding donkeys grinding into a blank, not as good as firewood, rice, oil and salt into a circle inside the hole. To know, the responsibility is a thousand weight, and to seek for the mountain. Chaotic life, helpless or decadent, regardless of whether it is a sword in the sky, earthly water and fire, endlessly, leisurely watching flowers bloom and fall, quietly watching the wind and clouds, as long as, home and everything is prosperous.
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LGD will next year produce folding displays to withstand financial pressure before dawn?
Recently, news showed that LG Display, one of the leading manufacturers of LCD and OLED displays (hereinafter referred to as "LGD"), plans to start production of foldable OLED displays in 2019. In fact, LGD has been developing this technology for many years, when the project was released, has it been successfully developed and ready to go into production?

It is understood that flexible and even rollable folding display can help to create new mobile devices, conducive to opening up new markets, so it has been the focus of the development of major display manufacturers in recent years. But LGD is still in the development stage, and its old rivals, such as Samsung Display and BOE, have begun to produce foldable displays.The other side will not only start discussing business proposals but also solutions that will help in enhancing business deals. Additional promotional gifts help in getting the much-required heads start.

Although Samsung has become a leader in this technology, its products are only available to Samsung Electronics, and the old rival, the LGD, must develop folding displays to be competitive. In fact, LGD's current "mission" goal is not the only one.Aberdeen Angus - a well-known Angus beef bred in Ireland and grass-fed. With the integration of traditional pasture farming and advanced technology, the cattles are fed to be of high quality and more tender.

According to public information, LGD had a net loss of RMB 1.8 billion in the second quarter of this year, including a business loss of RMB 1.4 billion. In this case, LGD has publicly said that in order to further expand the supply of OLED panels, its Guangzhou-based panel production line will be completed and put into production in 2019. Wouldn't there be a financial crisis for LGD to expand its capacity?

Facts have proved that LGD is ready. Last month, LGD signed an agreement with Apple to provide LCD and OLED panels to Apple in the second half of 2018. The total is about 3 million to 4 million OLED panels and 20 million LCD smartphone panels for the next generation of iPhones.

Operator Worldwide believes the agreement between LGD and Apple will help improve its current financial situation and ease the crisis of overcapacity. But now that LGD has announced that it will produce foldable OLED displays next year, will this lead to new financial pressures and new challenges?

Operator World Network (tel_world), a well-known and cutting-edge media in the TMT industry, is an original information website focusing on communications, the Internet, home appliances, mobile phones and digital.

The article is transferred from: http://www.sohu.com/a/246355350_452858
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The combination of skill knowledge and humanistic spirit is more valuable

  The idea of "learning physics and chemistry well, going all over the world" and the graduation starting salary and visa policy make STEM subject popular. Moreover, many people believe that learning philosophy, literature and sociology are of practical significance? What are the lessons and papers that have been used in the near future? This is the so-called "inferiority" in the humanities, and it seems that learning results can not be quickly reflected in the short run.

  But is the humanities really useless? Or is it a traditional bias?

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  Do you really know the education of the humanities?

  According to the data of the 2016 graduates, Business Insider collated the 3 most popular professions in Ivy League. It is worth mentioning that Yale University's most popular subjects include history and politics, and Dartmouth College's government science and history are also on Top3. It can be seen that liberal arts majors are not as unpopular as people think.

  In fact, what majors do American students like can be seen from their bibliography borrowed from the library. The The Open Syllabus Project (American Open University syllabus) has statistics on the borrowing of University Libraries in the United States.

  We can see the first ten books are basically the humanities and Social Sciences, Platon's "the ideal country", Hobbes's "Levitan", Machiavelli "monarchy" and other classic books are listed. It can be seen that the humanities classics are still fascinating in the eyes of many college students.

  In fact, the liberal arts education in the United States belongs to "Liberal Arts" and is translated into "liberal education". The education of Boya can be said to be the most important idea of higher education in the history of the West. In the ancient Greek period, this kind of education was regarded as a necessary reserve for a free man, and it was the prerequisite for its active participation in the life of citizens.

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  The original meaning of this kind of education is not to cultivate the students' professional skills after graduation. The real meaning lies in the improvement of students' attainment and thinking ability through the training of critical thinking of students, and the process of thinking, reasoning, comparison, identification and analysis, and finally forming independent judgment and profound thoughts.

  Are graduates of the humanities really hard to get to work?

  "The value of The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today 's Global Marketplace) published by the Huffington post, said that of the Fortune 500, 1/3 had a liberal arts degree. For example, CBS's CEO has a Spanish degree from Bucknell University, and Starbucks's CEO majored in communication at North Michigan University.

  In October last year, Forbes's list of the richest 400 people in the United States also surveyed the candidates' majors. Data show that 18 of the 290 richest people graduated from the Department of history and ranked third in the total number.

  In an article entitled "the students in the humanities, the Don 't Panic, Liberal Arts Majors. The Tech World Wants You), the New York Times introduced us to the two books," the magic power that you can do anything: "useless" liberal arts education. Andall Stross's "practical education: why liberal arts can create great employees". The two authors believe that the expanding technology sector is producing jobs in many fields, such as project management, recruitment, personnel relations, brand, data analysis, market research, design, financing and so on, all of which require the skills of the humanities.

  In order to develop better in these areas, it is necessary to be able to communicate effectively, to be socially sensitive, to detect emotional clues, to make persuasive decisions, to adapt quickly to changing environments, to translate new information into more attractive and persuasive content, and to predict possible obstacles and opportunities.

  Moreover, the trend towards liberal arts is the reason why the job market is so unsettling: extreme instability. According to Anders's experience, well-trained liberal arts students will be more adaptable and able to manage an unstable job market. Now, automation is becoming more and more advanced. Like the computer field, the speed of eliminating old jobs is almost as fast as that of creating new jobs.

  In this case, Adam Grant, a professor at the Walton School of business, said, "the most difficult jobs to be replaced by automation require critical thinking and communication skills, and we need better education and apprenticeship programs to teach these skills."

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12-year-old starring in the movie

  “I starred in a movie at the age of 12 and at the age of 18 I was the first in the arts class of the Shanghai College Entrance Examination (Quality Course). In the following ten years, I was relatively dull. My achievements and experiences may be owned by many people. "Because it starred in a film that was changed by the "Guangzhou Daily"'s real story, Xu Wangwei had hoped to become a child star, but he resolutely chose to go on a road to hegemony.

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  In 2003, Xu Wangwei attended the college entrance examination in Shanghai and won the first prize in liberal arts.

  Scholars who have a glorious past will often experience a deeper understanding of the difference between ordinary and successful in the later life. According to Xu Wangwei, “one person may have spent a lot of effort and finally passed an ordinary life. Some people may have contributed to a larger scope, such as to the whole world and all mankind, although it is not. Ordinary, but the reward they receive is often not equivalent."

  Xu Wangwei has his own "successful learning". "The most important thing is to be good at yourself and you can make progress yourself. The progress can always be reflected in the results."

  Before the college entrance examination, Xu Wangwei had an extraordinary life experience.

  "Children Star" Abandoning the Road to Performing Arts

  In the 12-year-old year, Xu Weiwei, who was still studying in the Children's Palace, suddenly received an audition. It turned out that a deputy director of the Nanjing Film Studio went to the Children's Palace to pick a small cast. The selection process was quite fast. He was probably caught in the eye. Xu Wangwei only met with the director twice, and his actor's role in Adi was set.

  This film titled "The Mother and Son of the Next Generation" was adapted from a long-form newsletter written by Huang Zhuojian, a reporter of "Guangzhou Daily", "In the next life, we are also mother and child." This front-page report on April 8, 1996 tells the true story of Xu Meiyun, an outstanding teacher from Guangzhou. The outline of the film is that Adi, 5 years old, had a malignant lymphoma. When the mother of the English teacher (fine class) and the father of the worker sentenced the child to death under the death penalty, she was saddled with hope and rescued with broad love. The child’s life made the child live happily until the age of 11. Finally, the child happily died in his mother’s arms.

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  Xu Wangwei thinks that he can be selected because of the more consistent image. As a kid he was thin and white. The filming took about half a year. To this end, Xu Wei's first career was spent on the semester.

  The film starring Xu Wangwei was released in 1998. The film also participated in the "China Family Affection Film Exhibition" organized by the Chinese Children and Adolescent Film Society and the National Association of Chinese Schools in some cities in the United States. It shocked American parents and teachers.

  However, the shooting of this movie did not allow Xu Wangwei to embark on the road to performances. After the filming, Liu Peiqi, Song Chunli, and the director, who played Astrid's parents in the play, all commented that he was a very clever child and advised him not to abandon his studies.

  Xu Weiwei, who was only 12 years old, is not very clear about whether or not he will engage in performing arts in the future. Under the persuasion of the crew, Xu Wangwei, who is a schoolmaster and a profane student, decided to return to the original life track. Although later, there were also some opportunities for participating in film and television dramas, but he was not the main character, he did not try to ponder, slowly "retreat" from the performing arts Proton beam radiotherapy.

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Fujian arts and crafts A approved first times to volunteer for 14 days to fill in

  According to the time arrangement of the admission work, in 2017, the A batch of undergraduate students of college enrolment of colleges and universities will be asked for first times in July 14th, and the time from 8 in July 14th and 18 in July 14th. As soon as the deadline arrives, the voluntary reporting system will be automatically closed.

  The provincial education and testing institute reminded that before July 14th, 8 hours ago, the voluntary scheme will be announced on the official website of the Provincial Education Examination Yuan. Candidates who wish to participate in the current round of volunteer recruitment will pay attention in time and participate in the voluntary reporting according to the prescribed time. It is necessary to invite volunteers to carry out professional voluntary one file multiple entries, and candidates can fill in 12 parallel and sequential professional volunteers. In order to avoid the failure of voluntary filling, the examinees should fully understand the "methods of enforcing the enrolment of ordinary higher schools in Fujian Province in 2017" and the enrolment regulations of colleges and universities.

  In addition, the second installment of A voluntary recruitment will be held in July 18th. The specific time will be from 8 hours in July 18th to 18 hours in July 18th. Please pay close attention to the examinees and parents.

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Instead of a basket of currencies

Fourth quarter Cao Yuanzheng: Hong Kong dollar can only be linked to a currency, not linked to a basket of currencies.


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Financial circles: in April 11th, the CSRC announced that the Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong Hong Kong links increased by four times. In the context of the increasing economic correlation between Hongkong and the mainland, the continuing devaluation of Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar in the past year began to expose the defects of the linked exchange rate system. There is a view that the Hongkong monetary authority should turn to a basket of currencies. What do you think? Why?


Cao Yuanzheng: why is the Hong Kong dollar linked to the US dollar instead of other currencies? Very simple, Hongkong is a free trade port, a great transshipment trade, and more than 70% of the remouth trade in Hongkong is dollar denominated, so the Hong Kong dollar needs to be linked to the dollar. The link exchange rate fixed exchange rate will reduce the exchange loss in the middle of trade, so it can promote trade, which is the original intention of establishing the linked exchange rate in 1983. With this original intention, if the Hong Kong dollar is to be altered to be linked to other currencies, it must be said that it is your currency in the middle of the international trade settlement in Hongkong.


Victoria Dockside is a new global art and design district located in the historical landmark,Culture and Craftsmanship which aimed to push a new frontiers in different segments.

Financial sector: unless there is another currency, the amount of settlement transactions is as big as the US dollar?


Cao Yuanzheng: Yes, then it will be linked to that currency and will only be linked to a currency and not linked to a basket.


Finance: why?


Cao Yuanzheng: it's linked to a basket of currencies. In essence, it requires monetary policy. Hongkong is a monetary authority system. There is no central bank and no monetary policy. At the same time, the Hong Kong dollar is a bank voucher, which is difficult to be used as a remission trade and the settlement of the trade. It also determines that it can only be linked to the main currencies of the international trade valuation and settlement. It is emphasized that Hongkong has no central bank and Hongkong does not manipulate its monetary policy. In a sense, Hongkong's financial market follows the US monetary policy.

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To carry out undergraduate education at the right time

  The origin of West Lake university can be traced back to March 2015. The seven initiatives of Shi Yi Gong, Chen Shiyi, Pan Jianwei, Rao Yi, Qian Yingyi, Zhang Hui and Wang Jian have submitted the proposal for the establishment of a new type of private research universities, which have been supported by the state.

  As a new research university, West Lake university has a high starting point, a small and refined research type.

  High starting point, refers to the West Lake University will strive to gather international first-class teachers, doctoral graduate training start, timely undergraduate education, the future of the total size of the school is not more than 5000 people.

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  Small and refined is reflected in discipline setting and teacher selection. The school, based on the 4 institutes of science, frontier technology, biology and basic medicine of the West Lake Institute of higher research, sets up the College of science, engineering and Life Science (including biology and basic medicine), and gives priority to the formation of 3 disciplines of science, engineering and medicine. With regard to the selection of teachers, West Lake university is facing the global selection of excellent academic attainments or academic potential teachers. At present, 6 global recruitment has been completed and 58 academic talents are hired. Among them, 7 of the pre entry teachers have been selected for the fourteenth batch of national "Millennium Project" project.

  Research type is the position of University of West Lake University. Since its founding, the West Lake Institute of higher learning has focused on basic academic research and the application of scientific and technological transformation to create the scientific knowledge and technology development that affect the world and benefit mankind. In the same way, the University of West Lake will also adhere to the contribution of great international influence to the basic scientific research, the original innovation of technology and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  The main sources of funding for West Lake university include the donation of the West Lake education foundation, the income of school running and government funding, and the competitive funds for relevant educational research and scientific research. The school site is located in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The present site is located at 18 shillongshan street, Yunqi Town, Xihu District, and the Yungu campus in the main campus is located in the Shuangqiao District of Xihu District. The construction project of the Yungu campus is about to be launched in the early April.

  Attachment: "the Ministry of education agrees to establish the University of West Lake".

  The people's Government of Zhejiang Province:

  A letter from the people's Government of Zhejiang on the establishment of the University of West Lake (zhe Zheng letter [2017] No. 95) and a letter from the people's Government of Zhejiang on the investigation and suggestion of the investigation of West Lake University (No. 16) (No. 16 of Zhejiang government [2018]).immune checkpoint inhibitors: possibility of adverse rheumatoid events for more information.

  According to the higher education law, the private education promotion law, the regulations on the implementation of the private education promotion law, the Provisional Regulations on the establishment of ordinary higher schools, the relevant provisions of the Provisional Regulations for the setting up of the ordinary undergraduate schools and the review of the review committee of the national institutions of higher learning, the University of West Lake is agreed to be set up. The identification code is 4133014626. The following matters are hereby notified as follows:

  First, West Lake university is a new type of higher education institution supported by social forces and supported by the state. It is a non-profit legal person and is managed and directed by your province.

  Two, the school should earnestly strengthen the party's leadership, carry out the party's educational policy in an all-round way, adhere to the direction of the socialist school, implement the fundamental task of the Lide tree, and highlight the guidance of the public service.

  Three, the school is located in research universities. It mainly focuses on basic and cutting-edge research in science and technology, and focuses on training top notch innovative talents.

  Four, the school starts from the start of postgraduate education, and develops undergraduate education in a timely manner. The number of full-time students is no more than 5000.

  Five, schools must adhere to the development of limited disciplines, disciplines, specialties and degree conferring units, and shall be handled according to the relevant provisions of the state.

  Six, our ministry will conduct an assessment and check on the school running situation, and conduct research on undergraduate education based on the results of assessment and examination.

Feng BAI received his MPhil degree in Management Sciences and his PhD degree in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. His research focuses on understanding the role of morality, particularly moral virtue, in shaping social inequalities.
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Wuhan light industry university for 11 consecutive years holding a group branch contest

  According to the introduction, the final consists of the promotion and the final match. In the promotion contest, each branch of the entries in the first part, the 22 will catch on the PK, logo, branch branch profiles, branch branch construction, combined with the results of the chorus, recitation, dance, drama and other forms of performance, for a 6 minute show style, style show branch members participation rate exceeds requirements 70%. In the promotion competition, the promotion branch according to the questions raised by the live video, combined with the actual work of the branch for 3 minutes, and carried out the nineteen major mental knowledge answers of 20 parties including multiple choice questions, filling questions and solving questions.

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  Wuhan University of Light Industry Secretary Liu Jing said that the contest was held for eleven years, the total of more than 6 and more than 1500 members of the Youth League branch to participate in the contest, the vitality of school league effectively enhance the construction of grassroots organizations are effectively enhanced, has become one of the strengthen and improve ideological and political education of the characteristics of the brand.

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  To participate in the contest of animal science 1502 Youth League Secretary Yan Yingchen said, "December 9th" League contest and other activities of competition is not the same, can let branch everyone involved, so that we accept the education activities, continue to strengthen the ideals and beliefs, then listen to the party with the party ", enhance branch of the vitality and cohesion.

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Adjusting the time for the dormitory to open the door

  Recently, one of the Northwest University For Nationalities "entrance examination of the entrance of the entrance of the entrance of the Graduate School" to a self study room in the morning: to be late, there is no place. " Video has attracted wide attention on the Internet. A lot of netizens were stunned, and they said they were working hard, and they didn't do it.

  According to the video display, two students from the two floor window Qingjushulu dormitory pulls out, very worried to rush to the library, and five or six in the morning the library is already overcrowded, as after school canteen.

  While paying attention to the hard work of the graduate students, many netizens are also very worried about the personal safety of the students who learn from the window. This is the first time in the school to respond, "open the door at 5:30 a.m. today. Please do not turn the window on the graduate students."

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  The picture is a screenshot of the office of the president of the northwest people's University on micro-blog. China Youth Network correspondent Jin Sha provides

  In the quiet study room on the 6 floor of the library, the atmosphere of learning is very strong, and the students have a low head review. "I also looked at the video, feeling all around the students are very hard, I should also need to grasp the time to review. I used to get up early in the dormitory, read some books, wait for the dormitory door to open to study in the library, after all, the library's learning atmosphere is better, the environment is also good, tired and walking, and then can continue to learn. "But the school has also made a adjustment, the dormitory also opened in advance, and also set up a graduate study area," said Zhang, a student from the Institute of automation, electrical engineering college. It's very convenient for us, too. "

  There are different views on college students. "It is different from the college entrance examination," said the school of management finance. The time of college entrance examination is to think of the score to be higher, where to go to school, to learn what major, and there is no clear goal. But the examination is different, my goal is very clear, I want to go back to work in Sichuan, the entrance examination is also ready for the examination of Sichuan, after reading the graduate work to find a job is convenient.

  "Now the pressure of employment is too large, the job search for undergraduates may be on their own, the company can not see. Or can be hired, but I think the treatment is not good. I want to take a postgraduate study to improve myself, and then I can have some right to choose. I spend most of my time in the library every day, and I eat to avoid the rush hour. After I finish eating, I continue to come back, tired and wandering around the library, then I continue to learn. Sometimes it feels very hard, but after all, it's the choice to stick to it. Soon I was going to have a test, and I was nervous and excited, and I was nervous for the exam, and I was excited for my persistence for so long. Mr. Cao, a law major in law school, said.

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  Of course, some students are considering whether to take a postgraduate entrance examination in the future. "I now see junior, senior fellow students in efforts to find work, and strive to graduate, also felt some apprehension, may be in the near future, I would like to, perhaps in order to grind and early seat, no matter how, want to come down to earth. I also wish the elders to find a successful job and a successful graduate study. "A student who went to the library to borrow a book said," he said.

  2017 the balance is less than 10%, for oneself, again fight once again! Here I wish the students of the entrance examination will be able to enter their ideal school and continue to enrich themselves and go out of their own life.

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