One-Bottle Scotch Cocktail
Some people get irked when they want to make a cocktail recipe, and as they gather the ingredients, they find that some things are hard to get, or too expensive, and before you know it (as I do, very well), you’re doing a scavenger hunt across town, sleuthing out some elusive ingredient.

Enter The One-Bottle Cocktail, by Maggie Hoffman. Before I saw the book, from the title, it sounded like a cocktail that you make by the bottle (called batching), so you have a “one-bottle cocktail” on hand. Which sounded like a good great idea, to me.
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Magazine Mondays: Pie. Chocolate Pie.
Wow. It has been a long time between Magazine Mondays!

Whilst I try not to chew off my nails during the Italy-Ireland game at the 2012 Euros, I thought putting up a new MM post might be a good way to relax sage 300.

What better way to take your mind of hot, sweaty men in shorts than with a chocolate pie The Bauhinia.

Seriously. It works.

The pie in question is the Chocolate Cream Pie from the February 2008 issue of Food & Wine MYOB support.

Really, what is there to say besides delicious. Creamy, rich and very delicious.

Make it.

Here are some folks who joined me for this latest edition of MM:
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Gnocchi. Apparently the Recipe is Necessary
After my last post, I got a number of requests for the gnocchi recipe that I used Apartment HK.

Gnocchi is one of those dishes that is highly personal. If you ask five Italian women how they make gnocchi you’ll probably get five different variations of what is essentially a mixture of cooked potato and flour.

The recipe for gnocchi that I like to use follows a roughly two-to-one ration: for every two potatoes you use roughly one cup of flour MD Senses Aqua Peel.

Now here’s where I’m going to irritate everyone. It’s very difficult to give an exact recipe because there are so many variables. How much flour you need, for example, will depend on what type of potato you use, how moist the potato is and even what the weather is like (on a cold, dry day – you’ll probably use less flour).

Having said that, the two-to-one ration pretty much works.

Most of the time I boil the potatoes and then once cool, I pass them through a ricer. I will mix in a bit of salt for flavour and then add the flour. I always add less flour to begin with. If I see that the potato mixture needs more flour to hold together, I’ll add it in a bit at a time. Too much flour will make your gnocchi hard and unpalatable. Too little flour and your gnocchi will fall apart in the water Sage Accounting.

This is one of those dishes where you will benefit most by lots of practice. The more you make gnocchi, the better you will get at judging the consistency of your gnocchi dough and how much flour your potatoes need.

In terms of the potatoes that you use, the women in my family have always said that older potatoes are best for gnocchi. To be honest I’ve made gnocchi with all kinds of potatoes and they all seem to work fine. Having said that, I prefer to use what are often referred to as “baking potatoes”. Those are the white-fleshed potatoes with a brown skin. I have also often used Yukon Gold potatoes and they also work very well.

Occasionally, rather than boiling the potatoes I have baked them. Some people believe that by baking the potatoes, you reduce the amount of moisture the potato draws in and therefore reduce the amount of flour required to form the gnocchi. Less flour means a lighter and fluffier dough.

Again, in my experience I haven’t noticed a huge difference so I say boiling the potatoes is just fine.

So here we go, the not-so-exact recipe for gnocchi:
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About Cherishing Life
Being depressed has been the obvious illness for some people nowadays. It has been noticed by the public. The news reported that some people got suicide because they had been suffered from depression for a long time. We felt so pity for the loss of these young lives, and they deserved living a better life if they had not passed awayapartments hong kong.

When we saw the loss of young lives from the news, we felt sad and pity. The young people got suicide for many reasons, such as they got dumped by their girlfriends or boyfriends. Some children chose the extreme way to punish their parents after they had arguments. All of these reasons seemed can be solved in other people's eyes, there was no need to say goodbye to the world and miss the beautiful life Sage 50.

Life is short, we should cherish it and spend time on the things that can bring us happiness. Thinking about our parents and friends, they support us all the time. Love and care from these lovely people can help us get over all kinds of difficulties foreign companies in hong kong.


Since I was very small, my parents sent me to learn painting. They thought I could understand art and mastered one skill. This experience brings me the sense of art. I have my own understanding of it.

On the one hand, art is an important way to express people's opinion. When we see the pictures, the difference between classical and ordinary paintings lies in the thoughts. The famous artists implant their ideas in the pictures, which are admitted by the public, so the value of arts can be seen. Some famous artists expressed their unique opinion and gives arts great meaning.

On the other hand, art is not only from works, but also from life. For example, my mother cooks the delicious food. Everybody speaks highly of her. So her food brings people great happiness, which makes the food an art for me. What's more, my friends is good at communicating. The way she talks can convince other easily, so I call the way she communicates as an art.

In all, for me, art is around. It brings people a way to see the world or makes our life wonderful.
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Es ist ein Selbstläufer!" (“It’s a sure-fire sucess!”) he states
As we walk through the cold-rooms of the butchery, where sausages hang in rows and rows at different stages of air-drying, Herr Zappe explains the several processes required to make a specific type of sausage. Pork is the main source of meat and they make sure that almost every part of the pig is used, not wasting anything. They slaughter a limited amount of pigs during the week, during the seasonal holiday period howerver, they increase their production serviced apartment.

It is easy to see that Herr Zappe is filled with a certain pride at what he has achieved, although he says a few times that it is not an easy business. He introduced me to his daughter Kathrin who was behind the shop counter serving the customers who came to the shop in regular streams. As I was setting up my food shot in the shop, one thing that I noticed was that each customer that came into the shop was greeted by name. This personal treatment is something that is of true value for Herr Zappe WSET level 2

I ask Herr Zappe if he is happy doing what he does. He looks at me and smiles. It is a different kind of happiness - a kind that has not been easy to achieve, with the ups and downs and the ever-changing demands of our times.

As a student in agrochemistry at the University of Halle, he graduated in 1986 as Dipl. Agrar Ing. Coming back to Eichsfeld he joined the LBG as "Pflanzenschutz Agronöm". At that time, he tells me, agriculture had a different value in the DDR, it was an important job. Shortly after the Wall came down he became Chairman of the board of directors at the agricultural association and Managing Director of the Eichsfelder Landfleischerei. Together with his wife, who also works at the Landfleischerei, they have 3 kids and he proudly tells me that is a 4-time grandfather at 60!

Helping me style my shot of the sausage board, Herr Zappe is very open and tells me some of the ingredients and spices that make the sausages so tasty. The items offered at the counter all look amazing and as Herr Zappe sees my enthusiasm he carefully asks me if I eat pork. He seems surprised that I do! But I assure him that being married to a Vogtlander and living in Thuringia since 2008 I would be missing out on the good stuff if I deprived myself of the sausage and cold-meats available here. Herr Zappe disappears for a few minutes and returns with a bag of fresh bread rolls registered address.

After my shoot, he invites me to the office spaces where his wife and 2 employees have already laid the table with a small selection of the sausage, spiced mince, and the fresh rolls. From my food props, I offer the gherkins and mustard. We all chat amiably and laugh at anecdotes, and once again I am overcome by a feeling of pure contentment.

Herr Zappe offers me a few slices of a sausage, looking vaguely similar to a salami.
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